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Our strategy and commitment

Nottingham Trent University (NTU) works with over 300 partner institutions across the globe, developing innovative teaching, research and strategic collaborations. Learn more about our strategy, our research and how together we are creating the University of the Future.

Professor Cillian Ryan
Pro Vice-Chancellor International

Welcome from the Pro Vice-Chancellor International

At NTU, we are bringing brilliant minds together to crack the complex issues of today. Our teams are working with our network of international partners to undertake world-class research, tackling the key challenges currently impacting upon business, industry and our society, and looking forward to address the challenges we will all face in the future.

We are one of the most sustainable universities in the world. Our Teaching and Learning has been rated 'Gold' by the UK Government, to be amongst the best in the UK, with many of our subjects internationally recognised. Our inclusive global community of students and staff is drawn from over 160 different countries and our award-winning student support team and Global Lounges promote intercultural understanding, friendships and develop global skills and networks.

We're a truly global university. Whether it be through research, the introduction of pathway programmes, exchange or the development of Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL) opportunities, we will dedicate our time and resources to partnering with you so please get in touch.

Professor Cillian Ryan, Pro Vice-Chancellor International

Connecting globally Earth icon

NTU Strategy: Connecting Globally

We are creating the University of the Future.

We are a university that opens its arms to all, challenges conventions, and enriches the world around us.

'Connecting Globally' is one of six University, reimagined strategies:


  • We have gained renown for our truly global perspective. We are not restricted by borders or boundaries. We work together to deepen and share our insights and understanding of our world for the benefit of the planet and all its inhabitants.


  • We will enhance our international partnerships and strengthen our global connectivity through developing and deepening relationships that  build on the strengths in our research, scholarship and practice.
  • We will expect our colleagues to identify and engage with academics around the world to study, research and publish.
  • We will expand chances for our students to meet, learn and play with their international peers.
  • We will be the UK’s most welcoming and rewarding environment for students from every community.
Research Reimagined
Re:search Re:imagined

Research at NTU

To us, research is about more than writing papers and proposing new ideas. It’s about breaking down barriers and tackling society’s problems in the wild, not just in a laboratory. It’s about bringing together the brightest minds to re-imagine research and find the answers to the questions that really matter.

You can learn more about our research partnerships across the globe by visiting our regional partnerships.

You'll also find out more about NTU research by visiting Re:search Re:imagined.


Learn more about some of NTU's international networks:

Talloires Network

NTU is an Engaged Member of The Talloires Network, an international association of institutions committed to strengthening the civic roles and social responsibilities of higher education. The Talloires Network advocates for expansion of civic engagement activities and promotes the most promising practices from its members and others in the field of higher education.

Observatory Magna Charta Universitatum

NTU is proud to be a member of the Observatory Magna Charta Universitatum, a signatories’ association, independent from political organisations or interest groups. The signatory universities - through their rectors, presidents and vice-chancellors, who act on behalf of their institutions - are connected to the organisation by their commitment, present and future, to comply with the principles of the Magna Charta Universitatum.

The Observatory undertakes its work to ensure the integrity of intellectual and scientific work in Institutions and society, thus reinforcing trust in relationship between universities and their communities, be they local, regional, national or global.

COIL Connect

NTU is a member of the COIL Connect network, a project of the COIL Virtual Exchange Foundation Inc., a not-for-profit corporation organised in the State of New York, USA. Their mission is to support the international growth of COIL (Collaborative Online International Learning) Virtual Exchange at the institutional level by identifying and connecting institutions undertaking this activity and linking teachers and classes with peers at partner institutions.

Midlands Engine

The Midlands Engine initiative looks to make the East and West Midlands regions an engine for growth for the UK economy and is supported by universities, business, local authorities and ten Local Enterprise Partnerships.

Midlands Enterprise Universities is a partnership of seven entrepreneurial universities working together to support the Midlands Engine for Growth by driving productivity through skills, innovation and enterprise. As fellow members of the Midlands Engine, NTU is working with Nottingham City Council and Nottinghamshire County Council to develop long-term sustainable academic, civic, business and cultural partnerships in China.

Santander Universities

NTU is working together as part of the International Santander Universities Network to support higher education by providing funding for scholarships, grants and internships. Our work with this network is one of the many ways in which we are realising our strategic aims to create opportunities, value ideas and enrich society.

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