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Exploring natural poultry feed additives in Ethiopia

Collaborators: Dept of Animal Science. Jimma University and The International Center for Agricultural Research in the Dry Areas (ICARDA)


Antibiotics are widely utilized in the poultry and animal husbandry industries for both preventative measures and to boost growth and productivity. However, due to antibiotic resistance and health issues related with antibiotic residuals in poultry products, the use of antibiotics as a feed supplement has been widely banned. Use of commercially extracted phytogenic compounds to maintain poultry health and productivity in the absence of in-feed antibiotics is prohibitively costly for some global regions. Aromatic plants as feed additives in replacement of antibiotics have been widely researched recent years. Phytogenic additives may positively affect feed intake and feed utilization of livestock. Accordingly, the goal of this project is to explore the ability of endogens plant species to replace antibiotics in poultry diets in Ethiopia.


We aim to explore the ability pf endogens plant species to replace antibiotics in poultry diets in Ethiopia.

The project aims to be able to replace antibiotics from local and cheap plant species, which in turn decreases antimicrobial resistance. This will alleviate antibiotics from poultry diets and will in turn have a knock-on effect in lowering the production costs of eggs and meat for Ethiopian consumers.

Team members

Dr Ashraf Alkthib, Investigator. ARES, NTU.

Dr Metekia Tamiru. Investigator. Dept of Animal Science. Jimma University.

Dr Jane Wamatu. Investigator (Scientist-Small Ruminant Nutritionist). ICARDA.