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Professional Services

Our professional services colleagues are integral to the exceptional student experience we provide and our impact as an institution both locally and nationally. 

Elliot Waldie sitting at table

There are so many opportunities at NTU to develop yourself, your career, impact people’s lives, be part of and create change, innovate and deliver service excellence. We want to give you the opportunities to stretch yourself, to explore what you’re capable of. We want to empower great ideas and we want you to work with us, a partner, to achieve that goal.

From Student Support to HR, Marketing, Admissions, Catering, Finance, Sport and Administrative staff, there are a huge range of professional services departments that make NTU a success.

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At NTU we recognise, reward and develop the individual talent of people. We break the mould of many universities through providing all employees with an opportunity to be awarded a bonus for exceptional performance and contribution. This approach fairly recognises and rewards achievement in a way that is clear, transparent and consistent across all employees. This empowers people to maximise their potential and achieve success here at NTU.

At NTU we:

  • recognise and reward an individual’s contribution through commercially competitive salaries and an inclusive bonus scheme across every grade
  • create opportunities within your career for personal contribution, development and growth
  • make the transition for joining and being part of this amazing place as easy and desirable as possible for those who can make an impact.
Clive Foster talking

Professional Development

Colleagues in any department at NTU can access a wealth of formal and informal professional development opportunities to develop their skills and advance their career. Colleagues can complete online training relevant to their specific skills or apply to undertake a formal professional development courses at Nottingham Business School where relevant.

Appraisals are a continuous cycle throughout the year. They allow you to discuss your performance, development goals and contribution. This is an excellent opportunity to identify professional development or training needs for our professional services staff.

In Admissions, you’re dealing with people – not statistics. They have lives, personalities, backgrounds – and that means a different challenge every time. I love that variety. The job’s helped me evolve on so many levels, personally and professionally.

Elliot Waldie – Admissions Support Administrator

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