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Neil Sedani - Strategic Business Analyst

Our commitment to providing the best for our students has played a big part in Neil’s role, his team has supported him every step of the way.

My team are the friendliest bunch of people I've ever worked with. Everyone is receptive to new ideas, wants you to succeed and you're always supported.

My role at NTU is as a Strategic Business Analyst, my team work on strategic-level projects that help make the University the best it can be, such as ways of working and new campuses. I’m currently working on writing a business case to move our institutional reporting tool to a new one, alongside other more confidential projects.

The main reason that I applied for a job at NTU was that I studied here for my undergraduate degree, and I had the best time of my life. It was apparent how much the University cared about teaching and student satisfaction compared to other universities. I saw the job advert, which was shared through a connection on LinkedIn, and I couldn’t have been more excited to apply. I really wanted to use my personal experience to help make a change as an employee.

I joined NTU only six months ago, in 2021, during the Covid-19 lockdown and I feel like I’ve progressed a lot already in my role. I have been involved in bringing in some new strategies and I’ve learnt about the Higher Education sector and its differences to the private sector, in both ways of working and culture. I’ve developed better influencing skills and I’m able to produce more detailed documentation, than I was able to before.

I think I’ve got the best team in the University, I’ve honestly never met a friendlier bunch of people at work in my life, and I’ve had a fair few jobs. Everyone just gets along and they want each other to succeed. It’s also great that everyone is receptive to new ideas and you’re always supported. I work in the Business Transformation Team so my work impacts students directly too.

My favourite things about working at NTU are the vision, and the people. The university truly wants the best for it's students.

Flexible working is truly flexible in my team. We have core working hours and if you need to be out of the office for whatever reason, whether that be for a doctor’s appointment or you wanted to take a walk to get some fresh air, or to just meet a friend for lunch, you’re able to do so easily. Furthermore, when I injured myself recently, the only question I was asked was if I was okay and if I needed anything – it made me feel so supported.

In terms of taking part in any NTU activities outside of my regular day job, I’ve played squash a few times at the courts at the NTU gym, which is a great facility with glass walls! I’ve also volunteered for clearing, open days and supported graduation ceremonies. In addition to this, since I’ve graduated, I’ve supported current NTU students through alumni mentoring. This involved providing mock interviews, general mentoring sessions and supporting students with whatever they need. It’s been great to give back to the University that gave me so much for my undergraduate degree.

There’s lots of support available at NTU, we’re surrounded by world class lecturers, and there’s opportunities for discounted education too.

The vision and the people, by far, are my favourite thing about working here. The University truly wants the best for its students, and business proposals are based on benefits to students directly. The people are also some of the friendliest I’ve met before. No two days are the same at NTU, you’ll always have a variety and a challenge.

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