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Will Lomas - Creative Manager

Will uses his expertise and experience to protect the NTU brand and help generate creative solutions for colleagues across the university – a responsibility he thoroughly enjoys.

I'm proud to work for NTU. We really do care about our staff, students and community.

I studied at NTU and knew what a great place it was, which is why I applied for a job here. I was really keen to be involved in the other side of the University and to be part of a big organisation. After graduating from NTU, I worked in a number of small design studios and advertising firms, but I wanted to work in a large team with dedicated roles where I could learn and develop my skills. Because I’d studied at NTU, I felt I was ideally suited to working here as I could relate to the student body and I knew the University and the city well. I felt that I could really put into practice what I’d learnt during my undergraduate studies.

I first started working at NTU as an Artworker in the Creative Services Team in 2007. My role initially involved lots of print-based work and supporting our in-house photographer. I progressed through the team to Middle-weight Designer, Senior Designer, Brand Project Manager until I became Creative Manager in 2020. I feel that if you work hard and enjoy what you do then you will be recognised and rewarded at NTU.

The Creative Services Team sits within the CAMS department of Professional Services and serves the University with expertise in graphic design, digital design, branding, advertising, conceptual design, videography, photography, creative writing and copy writing. I am responsible for protecting and developing the NTU brand and generating creative ideas for NTU colleagues.  As a team, we deal with much less printed material than we used to, the focus now much more on digital, campaigns, video and animation.

I’m very lucky in my job as I get to do the one thing I couldn’t live without – being creative! It’s a big responsibility being in a position where you are relied upon for coming up with creative ideas and solutions on a daily basis, but it’s something I thoroughly enjoy. I’m also lucky to be part of a close-knit team who all pull together and support each other. When needed, we work together on creative projects with equal voices and are always there to help each other out.

I’m very lucky in my job as I get to do the one thing I couldn’t live without – being creative!

This is why I believe that my colleagues, including those across the university, are my favourite thing about working at NTU, I really do work with a great bunch of people. Over the past few years, I’ve tried to help colleagues out with creative solutions that work for them, whilst keeping in line with the NTU brand. I like to think I have been able to build better personal and cross-departmental relationships and continue to do so.

Flexible working at NTU is brilliant and something that really suits my role and work-life balance. Much of the work myself and the team do involves being absorbed in what we’re doing for long periods of time, if we are in the ‘creative zone’ then the last thing we want to do is break out of it. The current flexible home/office arrangements in my team really help with this. I feel my department has really embraced the home/office way of working and it benefits both the business and the employees.

There is such a wide range of support available at NTU that you definitely feel well looked after. From health and wellbeing to childcare support, and salary benefits to free legal advice – there is a wealth of support available at the University if you need it.

Through the department, I’ve been given the opportunity to be involved in community volunteering, where I’ve worked at a nature reserve on the River Trent and helped the Sea Cadets at their base in Colwick. It was great to be able to spend some time giving back to the community.

NTU is a big university but has a friendly, approachable feel. I am proud to work for a university that puts social mobility at the forefront and is always quick to react to current social issues. I feel that we really do care about our staff, students and community. All of this, in my eyes, makes it a special place to work.

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