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Information for minors

The University is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of all students studying at NTU, but takes additional steps in relation to those aged under 18-years-of-age who are considered children in English law.

Minors, safeguards and support

The University requires parental or carer consent before admitting any student who will be under the age of 18 at the point of enrolment. These prospective students are therefore identified as part of the application process and both the prospective student and the parent or carer are asked to sign and return a confirmation/consent form. However, if a prospective student is living independently from their parents and can evidence their independent living status, the University will not require parental consent.

The consent form and further information can be found in the documents below.

The content of some modules and courses at NTU can sometimes include legitimate themes, discussions or viewing of films rated 18, which could be considered of an adult nature. Where students under the age of 18 are enrolled on a course of study, Course Leaders will be made aware of their presence and asked to adapt their approach as appropriate.

Students under the age of 18 whose parent or carer is not based in the UK are required to provide details of a UK-based guardian who can act as a contact in the event of an emergency. The UK-based guardian can be a nominated friend or relative living in the UK, or a guardian appointed through a guardianship organisation that offers such services. View our guidance on selecting a guardian.

The University's Safeguarding Officer will provide the Dean of School with details of any students under the age of 18 at the start of each academic year. Schools are responsible for making the student's academic tutor and Course Leader aware of minors enrolled on their courses and Course Leaders are responsible for amending content appropriately.

It is the responsibility of the Dean to ensure that prospective students whose parent or carers are non-UK based have an appropriate UK based guardian appointed from induction. Prospective students without an appropriate guardian may be withdrawn from their studies until the situation can be resolved.

Further information on the University's Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups Policy can be found on the NTU website.

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