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Boosting Bone Repair

Unit(s) of assessment: Allied Health Professions, Dentistry, Nursing and Pharmacy

Research theme: Medical Technologies and Advanced Materials

School: School of Science and Technology


High affinity osteo-inductive surfaces for orthopaedic implanted medical devices

Whether it is treating age-related bone loss or critical care trauma, bone repair and regeneration techniques are a fundamental part of healthcare. To meet the increasing need in this vital area, our researchers create new materials that generate the right tissue with the right extracellular matrix to stimulate healing.

Addressing the Challenge

How we are creating innovative medical inventions

Our team investigating surface properties examine patient needs to invent innovative materials that stimulate repair. Professor John Hunt leads the work to design materials that control the bone forming cells known as osteoblasts and the stem cells that become osteoblasts.

Making a Difference

Helping people age well and live independently

Healthcare providers need cost effective medical devices and confidence that they will provide a successful outcome.

Our research into tissue regeneration is supporting the future of healthcare. It will help many people continue to lead a fulfilling life as they age. A patent is currently under evaluation by the sector to licence and take to market a new generation of devices.

"Cost effective medical devices with longevity and a high level of confidence of the clinical outcome are crucial. I believe the need for these has never been greater and this continues to Increase". Professor John Hunt