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Central and Local Government

  • Unit(s) of assessment: Business and Management Studies
  • School: Nottingham Business School


The Central and Local Government team led by Martin Jones has diverse interests and investigations.

Since the economic recession, and the election of the coalition government the team have been undertaking a series of projects assessing the financial and organisational resilience of local government nationally and internationally, both as a response to the current era of austerity and in the post-recession long term.

There are currently two inter-related work streams investigating central and local government issues, and the team are developing an impact case study relating to Public Assurance and Value for Money for the 2021 Research Excellence Framework.

  • Work stream 1

    International comparisons of local authority financial and organisational resilience.

    This group of projects investigates the financial and organisational resilience in local government through a number of national and international comparisons and case studies. The international work is facilitated by membership of the Accounting and Finance Special Interest Group of the International Research Society for Public Management. The projects have been supported by CIMA, the ACCA and by Cipfa. The work of this team overlaps with the work of the Accounting and Finance Research Group in the Business School and some colleagues are members of both groups.

  • Work stream 2

    Public assurance, financial sustainability and performance management regimes for public services.

    Between 2001 and 2010, a centralized system of performance management and strategic intervention for local government was developed in England which has been replaced by a self-regulated peer review system from 2010. Following the publication of a number of articles and reports in 2015 the team were approached to help with a pre-general election briefing for the National Audit Office. This resulted in a report on the public assurance and value for money risks across the services provided by local authorities, the police, health, social care and fire and rescue services. In turn this has led to a series of contributions to a number of national studies including those on Fire and Rescue Services; Ambulance Services; the Single Departmental Spending Plan system and HMT Spending Reviews. An impact case study based on accountability transparency and public assurance has developed around this work and the some of the projects in workstream 1.



  • Professor Ileana Steccolini of Essex University
  • Professor Iris Saliterer of Freiberg University.
  • Dr Enrico Guarini of University of Milano-Bicocca, Milan
  • Carmela Barbera of Bocconi School of Management, Milan
  • Professor Anthony Zito (Newcastle University)
  • Professor Charlotte Burns (University of Sheffield),
  • Dr Paul Tobin (University of Manchester),
  • Professor Rüdiger Wurzel (Hull University),
  • Dr Zamzulaila Zakaria (International Islamic University, Malaysia)
  • Klaus-Peter Timm-Arnold (North Rhine-Westphalian Audit Commission).
  • Professor Joyce Liddle of Northumbria
  • Professor Paul Joyce of Birmingham University
  • Dr Russ Glennon of Manchester Metropolitan University
  • The Accounting and Finance Special Interest Group (SIG) of the International Research Society for Public Management.
  • Strategic Management SIG of the European Group Public Management
  • Public Governance and Management SIG of the British Academy of Management

Working with us

The project maintains close working relationships with associate members from both academia and from central and local government who regularly participate and contribute to the programmes activities.

Related staff

The project is keen to include colleagues (distinguished and new) who are interested in the programmes scholar activity, policy and practitioner dialogue either to enhance their teaching and learning or to promote and strengthen relations with practice as well as to participate in theoretical and applied research.

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