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Re:search Re:imagined Podcast

NTU's brightest minds are coming together for a series of captivating conversations to explore different issues and events facing society.

Get closer to the researchers who inspire change and find answers to the questions that matter most to you.

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Are you curious about how the world works? Do you stay up late at night thinking about climate change, religion, or equal rights? Do you scroll through the internet looking for answers to some of life's most pressing questions?

This podcast is for you.

The Re:search Re:imagined podcast is a platform for original ideas and bold, courageous thinkers. From online addictions and religious freedom, to transgender rights and dark tourism, each episode of this podcast will explore how research is helping to deepen our understanding of the world.

Expand your horizons and fuel lively dinnertime conversations with friends. Listen to the #ResearchReimagined podcast today.

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Latest episode

David Hindley

Episode 13

Park life: What is parkrun and why is it so popular?

In this episode of the Research Reimagined podcast, we’re joined by Dr David Hindley, Principal Lecturer in the School of Science and Technology at Nottingham Trent University, to unpack how parkrun became a worldwide phenomenon spanning 5 continents, 22 countries and over 2,000 locations.

In his book, parkrun: An Organised Running Revolution, David draws on new research to shine a light on parkrun’s success and unpack what makes this free, weekly activity such a popular community event. In this episode, David talks to Helen about some of the themes that are included in his book, such as inclusivity, community and health.

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Re:search Re:imagined

To us, research is about more than writing papers and proposing new ideas. By daring to think differently, we’re disrupting the research landscape and finding the answers to the questions that really matter. From social media addiction to sustainable farming, we’re inspiring the brightest minds to rise up and find solutions to some of the most significant global challenges facing society.

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The views and opinions expressed in the Re:search Re:imagined podcast belong solely to the speakers involved in each episode. All content has been created for entertainment and educational purposes and is not representative of the views or opinions of Nottingham Trent University.

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