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Ashley Maxey

Ashley Maxey

Poultry Research Unit Associate Technician

School of Animal Rural & Environmental Sciences

Staff Group(s)
Animal and Equine Technicians


Ashley Maxey is a Poultry Research Unit Associate Technician at NTU's Brackenhurst Campus. Ashley assists with dissection practicals and talks to students about her career and opportunities at the Poultry Unit at guest lectures. As well as this, Ashley is also a member of the Technician Commitment Steering Group, representing ARES Research Technicians.

Career overview

Ashley completed her BSc in Animal Biology before undertaking a Postgraduate internship at the Poultry Research Unit. Following this, she has worked in roles spanning: a worming company, lab work, admin and accountancy, before successfully securing a post back at NTU's Poultry Research Unit as an Associate Technician in 2017.

Research areas

Poultry Health and Nutrition.

Sponsors and collaborators

The Poultry Unit team work with a lot of commercial companies, other universities and NTU staff due to the nature of the work.