Daniel Shin

Hyunjae Daniel Shin

Lecturer/Senior Lecturer

School of Architecture Design and the Built Environment


Dr Shin is a Senior Lecturer in Product Design. He leads and contributes to various modules across the Product and Furniture Design courses at NTU. He plays active role in developing a subject wide approach to future developments in Design Thinking and approaches to design research within the Product Design department.

His major teaching involves in the following core modules:

Design Studies 1

Design Studies 2

Critical Theory (Dissertation)

Research Methods (PG -core module)

Career overview

Dr Shin is designer, researcher, and an educator. He has extensive experience of working in various different countries and diverse field of design professions such as web design, package design, interior design, and NPD. His previous design practices involved in a number of industry projects and making design-led artefact in research context.

Previously, he was a lecturer in Industrial Design at Loughborough Design School. For number of years, he took a part-time teaching role at NTU, and other roles such as business advisor and research assistant while undertaking his PhD at NTU.

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Research areas

Dr Shin’s research focuses on the role of design in changing people’s behaviour. His PhD explored the measures of design-led interventions in inducing the sustainable behaviour – using human-power as an everyday energy source.

Future research works will focus on advancing the knowledge in the field of Design for Sustainable Behaviour - using design-led interventions to promote sustainability within domestic energy use and to promote health & well-being.

External activity

Reviewer - International Conference for Design Education Researcher: Learn X Design

Reviewer - International Conference on Engineering and Product Design Education


  • Shin, H.J. and Johnson, P. (2013). "Defining and designing 'Interaction' in Human-powered products". In: 3rd International Conference on Interaction Design. Xi'an, China, December 4-6. Northwestern Polytechnical University, pp.5-12.
  • Shin, H.J., Johnson, P., Harmer, L., (2011) "Can Human powered products reduce energy consumption?", paper presented for Doctoral Colloquium, The 4th IASDR World Conference on Design Research, Delft, Netherland
  • Johnson, P., Shin, H.J., & Harmer, L. (2011). "Defining and describing human-powered products: exploring diverse applications of future technology". Key Engineering Materials, 486, 187-192.
  • Shin, H.J., (2010) "Interactive Human power products: a literature review", Paper presented at Sustainable Design Symposium, 18-27 September, Harbin Institution of Technology, China (supported by Research Council UK)
  • Shin, H.J. (2015). "'Five ways we can harness the original renewable energy source - human power", Conversation UK

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Press expertise

  • Product design
  • Human powered products
  • Design for sustainable behaviour