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Ehsan Asnaashari

Senior Lecturer

Construction Management and Quantity Surveying

Staff Group(s)
Construction Management


Dr Ehsan Asnaashari is a Senior Lecturer in Construction Management at the School of Architecture, Design and the Built Environment. His research activities focus on several multi-disciplinary subjects in project performance evaluation, lean thinking and building information modelling. He also supervises PhD research projects in different fields of construction project management. Ehsan's teaching duties are in the areas of project management, lean construction, and digital construction that includes the following modules:

Undergraduate Module:

  • Construction Industry Practice

Postgraduate Modules:

  • Lean Construction
  • Construction Business and Enterprise
  • Introduction to Construction Technology and Management

Online Postgraduate Modules:

  • Lean Project Delivery
  • Managing Construction Projects
  • Postgraduate Research Project

Career overview

Dr Asnaashari holds his PhD and MSc in Construction Management from Nottingham Trent University. He has worked in the industry as a project manager and also in academia as an assistant professor in Iran since 2012. Before joining NTU in 2020, Ehsan worked on a project for United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN-Habitat) to improve the resilience of hospitals and healthcare facilities to natural disasters.

Research areas

Dr Ehsan Asnaashari maintains an active research interest and supervises a number of doctoral candidates in the following fields:

Project management

  • Lean construction
  • Project performance
  • Logistics management

Housing and happiness

Gamification in construction

  • Game and simulation development for educational purposes

Human Resource Management in projects

  • Emotional & cultural intelligence
  • Virtual working environment
  • Women in construction

Digital Construction

  • BIM
  • AR/VR

Dr Asnaashari’s research has resulted in publications that include books [in Persian], and refereed articles in conference proceedings and journals. He also has organised two international and three national conferences in Iran.

External activity

Chair of Tehran's Professional Association of Construction Engineering and Project Management

MSc and PhD external examiner: different universities in Iran including Shahid Beheshti University, Semnan University and Islamic Azad University.

Reviewer: International Journal of Construction Management and Journal of Iranian Dam and Hydroelectric Powerplant.


Alipour-Bashary, M., Ravanshadnia, M., Abbasianjahromi, H. and Asnaashari, E. (2021), "Building demolition risk assessment by applying a hybrid fuzzy FTA and fuzzy CRITIC-TOPSIS framework", International Journal of Building Pathology and Adaptation, Vol. ahead-of-print No. ahead-of-print.

Alipour-Bashary, M., Ravanshadnia, M., Abbasianjahromi, H., Asnaashari, E., A Hybrid Fuzzy Risk Assessment Framework for Determining Building Demolition Safety Index. KSCE J Civ Eng 25, 1144–1162 (2021).

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Alaghband-Rad, A., Asnaashari, E., Knight, A., Hurst, A., (2010). ICT Utilization in Administrative Tasks in the Iranian Construction Organizations, The 26th Annual Conference and Annual General Meeting, Association of Research in Construction Management (ARCOM), Leeds, UK.

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Asnaashari, E., Shahrabi, S. F., Knight, A., Hurst, A., (2009). Causes of Delays in Iran Construction Industry. The 5th International Conference on Construction in the 21 Century, Istanbul, Turkey.

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