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Andrea Moneta

Andrea Moneta

Senior Lecturer

Nottingham School of Art & Design


Andrea Moneta MArch PhD FHEA PGCAP is Senior Lecturer for BA (Hons) Design for Stage and Screen, Design for Theatre and Live Performance, module leader for Contextual Studies 2 and teaches on a number of modules across the course.

Having a particular interest in exploring the intersection between scenography and architecture, he is actively involved in researching and teaching in these areas and is leading research for Design for Stage and Screen.

His research interests include design for heritage, site-specific performance, digital scenography, and unconventional communication.

Career overview

Andrea has held a number of senior positions within HE organisations, including: Adjunct Professor of Scenography and course leader of the postgraduate study course in Urban Theatre and Digital Scenography at the University of Rome La Sapienza; Adjunct Professor of Urbanism at Università della Calabria (Italy); and Visiting Scholar at Universidad Europea de Madrid (Spain)

Working both as an architect and a scenographer, Andrea is a trans-disciplinary practitioner. His creative work, teaching and research are all strongly informed by his expertise in theatre, architecture, and urbanism. Public space and the built environment are inspirations, and serve as references when designing and managing performances, events, spatial practices, and exhibits.

He is co-founder of Arch@bout, a research collective for architecture, urbanism and Scenarchitecture; co-founder of Smart Jokes, an ethical and unconventional communication agency based in Rome (Italy); member of SBTD (Society of British Theatre Designers), of The Thoroton Society of Nottinghamshire and of ASC (Italian Association of Set and Costume Designers).

Research areas

Andrea discovered his passion for theatre through architecture, as the result of a long exploration of the relationship between space, people and man-made space - a research that grew out of the need to rediscover the character of place (Genius Loci). The aim is to use theatre practice to create environments that are responsive and appropriate to their users' cultural, emotional, spiritual and practical needs. For this reason, while working in traditional theatres, he developed a unique approach that was called "Scenarchitecture", i.e. a theatre design practice to link and engage people and places, heritage and performance, theatre and participatory design.

At NTU he is a member of Global Heritage Research Theme (Museums of the Future) and of the Artistic Research Centre.

His research interests in Scenography and Performance include:

  • design for unconventional theatre spaces and heritage sites.
  • Spatial Practice
  • XR
  • digital scenography.


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Press expertise

  • Architecture
  • Scenography
  • Design for performance
  • Design for Heritage
  • Site-specific theatre
  • Spatial Practice
  • Digital technology applied to space (XR, MUVE,  Virtual Worlds)