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A grey-haired man in a grey jacket and khaki shirt looking into the camera.

Arash Moghaddassian Shahidi

Senior Research Fellow

Nottingham School of Art & Design


Doctor Arash M. Shahidi is a Senior Research Fellow in Medical and Technical Textiles and an active member of the Advanced Textiles Research Group at Nottingham Trent University. Doctor Arash Shahidi’s career initially concentrated on the use of knitted compression systems for the management and treatment of venous disease. Doctor Arash Shahidi's current research is highly multidisciplinary and is focussed on characterising advanced textile structures for medical and industrial applications, flexural composites, and electronic textiles.

Career overview

2022 - present Senior Research Fellow in Medical and Technical Textiles

2017- 2022: Research Fellow in Advanced Textiles Characterisation, Nottingham Trent University

2015-2017: KTP Associate, Nottingham Trent University / Urgo Medical UK.

2012-2015: Visiting Academic, Teaching Assistance and Research Assistant, in the School of Materials / University of Manchester.

Research areas

Although Dr Arash Shahidi’s research focuses on medical textiles and characterising the behaviour of electronic textiles, his other research projects include:

  • Evaluating the mechanical and physical behaviour of E-yarns and E-Textiles.
  • The development of an automated production processes for manufacturing electronic yarns.
  • Infra-red reflow soldering.
  • The development of an automated production processes for the encapsulation of small electronic components.
  • Novel Space Antenna Surface Materials.
  • Textile electrodes for sensing applications.
  • Functional and flexural composites.

More information about Dr Shahidi's research can be found at