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Dr Congying Guan

Congying Guan

Senior Lecturer

Nottingham School of Art & Design


Dr Congying (Grace) Guan is a Senior Lecturer in International Fashion Management at NTU.

Career overview

Dr Congying Guan obtained a PhD in Apparel Recommendation System from the School of Design, Northumbria University in 2018, and a BA in Industrial Design from Southwest Jiaotong University in China in 2008. During her PhD, she conducted the feasibility study for prototyping a Novel Apparel Recommendation system that can enhance the customer experience in digital fashion shopping. Prior to joining Northumbria, she was a visiting academic and first-year PhD student at the Computer-Aided Design and Engineering research group, Brunel University where she studied 3D Body Scanning and Clothing Virtual Trying-on. Previously Congying was a part-time lecturer at Chengdu University of Information Technology in China.

Research areas

Dr Guan’s research has been focusing on design innovations through the emerging technology of AI and Big Data. Her thesis reinterpreted and transformed the fashion communications from the early theories in fashion language and semiotics into an application field in online fashion recommendation system. Three comparative models were designed with differences in machine learning algorithms and apparel data types. As a result, the study found the pros and cons of each model and method as well as the best model with the highest predictability in recognising clothes design and judging semantic meanings, which has exemplified the feasibilities under different conditions.

Research Interests:

  • Digital Fashion Technology
  • Fashion Recommendation System
  • Fashion e-retailing
  • Online Customer Experience
  • Design Innovation

Dr Guan is the Principal Investigator of 2 research projects. She has been very active in pursuing research in emerging fashion retail technology and consumer experience. Her projects and roles are listed below:

  • University ECR Research Development Fund 2021: Evaluation of innovative technologies to enhance online shopping experience, 2020-2021, £4,998, role: PI
  • University The Collaboratory Fund: Enhancing digital fashion learning through the application of Virtual Reality, 2021, £1,000, role: PI

External activity

  • 2018 - ‘AI in Fashion’ section Chair, the 6th World Conference on Information Systems and Technologies (WorldCIST 2018)
  • 2012 - Co-editor, IEEE Proceedings of the 18th International Conference on Automation and Computing (ICAC'12)


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