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Rob Flint

Senior Lecturer

Nottingham School of Art & Design

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Fine Art


Rob is specifically keen to analyse how artistic practice can be developed as reflexive research. He is interested in supervising research projects in the area of video, sound, performance, new and old audiovisual media, installation work, electronic arts, improvisational performance, cross-modal and multi-sensory art practices, high and low tech media practice (and in between).

Research areas

Rob Flint’s research is integrated with his practice as an artist, often working collaboratively with others, in performances that explore the relationship between sound, image and movement. He is interested in improvisation and experimental forms of art practice, and the roots of recent audio-visual media in earlier ‘Expanded’ forms of cinema.

He is seeking to promote and develop a reflexive understanding of artistic practice as research.

His own doctoral research – which while practice-based, included a substantial written thesis – examined the sensory history of optical precursors to multimedia, including cultural and clinical definitions of synaesthesia, theories of ‘closed-eye vision’ and the various oppositional and supplementary forms of cinema generated by the twentieth century avant-garde.

This research examines how analogy, metaphor and other kinds of sign-substitution characterise the way different sensory modes – sonic, tactile, visual – are described in terms of one another. His ongoing project, ‘Foreign Correspondence’, which has so far taken the form of an installation in Paris, France, a tour of the Netherlands, and an installation in Seoul, South Korea, is concerned with contrasting arbitrary and integral sound-image relationships. He is a member of audiovisual performance group Ticklish, and is currently also collaborating with Dutch artist Gert-Jan Prins who uses electronic signals to create concurrent audio-vision

He recently programmed and co-presented (with staff colleague Emma Cocker) the symposium: ‘Location, Location, Location’ as a response to the opening of the British Art Show in Nottingham.

  • Audio, Visual and Performance
  • Visual Arts