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William Hurley

Lecturer/Senior Lecturer

School of Art & Design

Staff Group(s)
Fashion, knitwear and textile design


Will's role includes the development and delivery of knit and CAD / CAM technology across all levels. This ranges from basic knit and CAD principles to complex creative led novel knitting techniques with emphasis upon the potential of state of the art knitting technology unrestrained by commercial considerations. Will is also module leader for level one, tutor at levels two and three and a placement tutor.

Will is interested in supervising PhD students, if you are interested please select the research tab to see more information about his research field.

Research areas

Will's key research interest lies in the novel application of knitted structures and the integration of electrically active and passive materials within the knitted structure. This research has led to the development of 3D knitted shoes, electrically heated gloves, knitted sensors, switches and 3D burns garments. The knitted sensors research carried out has led to the development of a spin out company SmartLifeInc Ltd.

Sponsors and collaborators

  • Integrated heated knit fabric for ski and biker gloves, XO2, 2009
  • Drop Foot sensor sock for diagnostic and rehabilitative use with stroke patients, Centre for Health, Sport and Rehabilitation Sciences Research, Salford University, 2008
  • Active switch glove for rehabilitation and gaming applications, Engineered Fibre Structures, 2006-7
  • 3D Knitted shoe development for Nike USA, 2004
  • Health vest with integrated sensors and unique castellated sensor, SmartLifeinc Ltd, 2003-7
  • Flexible soft knitted K switch, Guilford Europe, 2003


Selected publications:

"DIAS, T., HURLEY, W., MONARAGALA, R. AND WIJEYESIRIWARDANA, R., 2008. Development of Electrically Active Knitted Structures. Advances In Science & Technology, vol. 60, pp.74 -84 (DOI: 10.4028) ISSN 1662-0356

BEATTY, P.C.W, COOKE, W., DIAS, T., HURLEY, W., MITCHAM, K., MUKHOPADHYAY, S., WIJESIRIWARDANA, R. and SMARTLIFE TECHNOLOGY LTD, 2008. Knitted Transducer Devices: an international patent WO2004/100784 (granted in the EU on 03.09.2008), EP16248000, Bulletin 2008/36; NZ543379 (granted in New Zealand on 14.08.2008), AU2004237945 (granted in Australia on 24.11.2009); CN1882280 (granted in PR China on 26.05.2010); US2009018428 (pending in the USA); CA2525525 (pending in Canada); JP2006-530525 (pending in Japan); IN5344/DELNP/2005 (pending in India)

DIAS, T., BEATTY, P.C.W., HURLEY, W., MITCHAM, K., GRIFFITHS, A.K. AND RAMGULAM, R.B., 2011. Contact Sensors: an international patent publication WO2007/036741, GB2444203 (granted in the UK on 6 April 2011); CA2623171 (pending in China); US2009203984 (pending in USA); EP1976429 (pending in EU); AU2006296395 (pending in Australia)"

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