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Douglas Renqick

Doug Renwick

Associate Professor

Nottingham Business School


Dr. Douglas W.S. Renwick, BA Hons, MSc Econ. (London School of Economics), PhD (University of Sheffield), Fellow Advance HE, Chartered Fellow FCIPD, is Associate Professor of Sustainable Workforce Management in the Human Resource Management (HRM) Department here at Nottingham Business School, and Visiting Professor at WU, The Vienna University of Economics & Business in Austria, EU. Doug provides support to the line manager of the HRM Department by observing the teaching of HRM colleagues and in his leadership role as the academic HRM Department Research Co-ordinator (DRC). As DRC, Doug coordinates the individual pathways review process for over 45 academic HRM colleagues, advising and guiding them on all aspects of the research process, including: journal publications, funding applications, impact case production, doctoral supervisions and supranational policy influence. He also represents the HRM department at the School-wide Research Strategy Group (RSG), where he undertakes monthly HRM research reporting to the Research Director and Associate Dean for Research regarding the Research Excellence Framework audits of 2021 & 2027.

Doug's teaching at NBS primarily involves HRM topics and those linked to building sustainable workforce management to both undergraduate and postgraduate audiences, and he has supervised over 150 Undergraduate, Masters, MBA, Executive MBA, DBA and PhD student theses to completion. Doug has been a Fellow of Advance HE since 2007 and is a fully qualified teacher with over 25 years' experience. Dr. Renwick attained a Postgraduate Certificate in Education at Distinction grade, and was nominated for the Inspirational Teacher Award at Sheffield Business School. He is module leader for the Business Research Project, which strategically seeks to identify Masters-level scholars suitable for further study at PhD & DBA level. Doug is a research mentor to several rising and aspiring Early Career Researchers in HRM & environmental sustainability here, and has mentored three external colleagues to the key Chartered Association of Business Schools (CABS) 3 ranked publication level.


Doug shows research leadership in directing his own research agenda in green (ecological & environmental) HRM, a concept he coined with others in 2005, and in sustainable workforces in management (SWiM), a concept he coined in 2018. His most recent global green HRM research focuses on factors that drive forward staff voluntary green behaviours and which support decent green jobs. In the past he has published on the HRM hot topics of involving line managers in HRM, employee well-being, HRM in Brasil and expatriate management, which he continues to research. Dr. Renwick's academic work in the areas of HRM, line managers and green HRM has been published in over 25 esteemed double & triple-blind peer reviewed journal outlets. His key works are included in regular as well as special issues of the:

* Annals of Operations Research (CABS 3 - 2018, Impact Factor 2.583);

* British Journal of Management (CABS 4 - 2018, Impact Factor 3.023);

* European Management Review (CABS 3, Impact Factor 1.533);

* Industrial Relations Journal (CABS 3 - 2018);

* International Journal of Management Reviews (CABS 3 - 2018, Impact Factor 8.631);

* Journal of Business Research (CABS 3 - 2018, Impact Factor 4.874, ranked #29 out of 152 on Journal Citation Reports for Business);

* Journal of Cleaner Production (CABS 2 - 2018, Impact Factor 7.246);

* Journal of Environmental Management (CABS 3 - 2018, Impact Factor 5.647);

* Journal of Intellectual Capital (CABS 2 - 2018, Impact Factor 4.805, ranked #30 out of 152 on Journal Citation Reports for Business);

* Journal of Knowledge Management (CABS 2 - 2018, Impact Factor 4.805);

* Resources, Conservation and Recycling (Impact Factor 8.086);

* The International Journal of Human Resource Management (CABS 3 - 2018, Impact Factor 3.040).

Doug has won numerous honours, awards and prizes, including: best paper, top downloaded article (twice), citation of excellence, UK and Brazilian scholarships and recognition for one of the most downloaded HRM case studies with 8,596 downloads. His green HRM research is highly-cited, and a predominant focus for the top 20 most highly-cited authors in sustainable HRM, the leading conceptual foci in sustainable HRM, ranked as having the second highest number of Scopus documents in sustainable HRM and ranked number one in both the 20 most highly-cited & overlapping documents with greatest influence in sustainable HRM (Source: Sustainability, 2019). His green HRM work is also viewed by The International Journal of Human Resource Management (CABS 3) in 2020 as number 4 of 11 clusters of research hotspots, an area of strong research interest that will matter to the HR community in the future and one where his own research work addresses the fundamental human challenge of climate change.

As of the 4th May 2021, Dr. Renwick's:

* solo and lead-author articles on involving line managers in HRM have been read over 27,000 times on ResearchGate, and on green HRM cited over 1,400 times on Google Scholar.

* lead-author article on green HRM in the International Journal of Management Reviews (CABS 3) has over 940 citations on Google Scholar, and his lead-author article on green HRM in The International Journal of Human Resource Management (CABS 3) has over 2,000 reads on ResearchGate.

* overall citation count is over 3,300 on Google Scholar, including seven journal articles with over 100 citations each, and works include over 1,744 mentions on

* solo-authored article on HR managers and employee well-being has over 5,000 reads on ResearchGate, and his edited (2020) book on green HRM has over 1,000 reads on ResearchGate.

* body of research work is one others regularly interact with, as evidenced in over 563 reads per week, 35,599 full-text reads and 80,370 total reads on ResearchGate.

Doug has edited five journal collections, most recently on green HRM for The International Journal of Human Resource Management (2016) (CABS 3) and on workforce greening for the International Journal of Manpower (2020) (CABS 2). Dr. Renwick has written a research monograph on HR and line manager work relationships (2010) and edited a research volume on green HRM and sustainability with Routledge (2018) which has been re-printed as a paperback in 2020. His most recent research volume on green HRM (2018 & 2020) was nominated by Routledge publishing for the best book award in the Organizations and Natural Environment (ONE) division at the highly prestigious USA-based Academy of Management conference. Doug continues to supervise PhD students researching green HRM, staff voluntary green behaviours, decent green jobs and workforce sustainability, and welcomes new, detailed and fully-formed PhD application proposals on these contemporary HRM themes. He shows inter-disciplinary expertise and supranational policy influence in being honoured to provide his expert opinion to the UK government as part of their response to the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Special Report on Climate Change & Land.

Leadership, Management and Administration

Dr. Renwick’s leadership, management and administration activities have progressed on an upwards trajectory over time. Initially at The University of Strathclyde, Doug was Course Director of the Diploma in HRM (1996-1998) and Course Director of the Certificate in Personnel Programmes (1998-2000). Then at The University of Sheffield, he was a: Selector of Undergraduate Admissions for Management Degrees (2001-2003); Senior Selector of Undergraduate Admissions for Management Degrees (2003-2004); Dissertations Officer for the MSc. in HR Strategy (2001-2004); Course Director of the MSc. in HR Strategy (2004-2005); Acting Course Director of the MSc. in HRM (2007-2008); Local CIPD Branch Liaison Officer (2006-2010); Course Director of Dual Degrees in Management (2010-2013); and Programme Director of the MSc. in HRM (2015-2016).

As Course Director of the MSc. in HRM at Sheffield, Dr. Renwick led and maintained a new student income stream of nearly £350,000 which enabled research-led HRM teaching to flourish. Then as Dual Degrees Director, Doug led a larger student body and student income stream of nearly £750,000 and undertook more extensive duties, such as regularly liaising with thirteen other Faculty departments and inputting into the Faculty-wide review of all Dual Degree operations. There, he thus led key departmental processes, managed combined student income streams of just over £1 million pounds, delivered over five years of senior academic leadership and showed line management skills by managing relevant professional services and staff. At Sheffield Business School, Doug was briefly Director of the Doctorate in Business Administration programme (2017) and Research Leader of the HRM subject group (2016-2017). There, he acted as research leader, mentor and line manager to three HRM scholars, advising and guiding them on their journal article, research funding and research impact submissions.

Most recently here at Nottingham, Dr. Renwick’s leadership roles are as the HRM Departmental Research Co-ordinator (DRC) whom he represents at the School-level Research Strategy Group (as detailed above), and as the HRM Department's School and University adviser on Research Ethics. Doug regularly contributes to Departmental, School and University administration by attending important meetings and events such as those of the HRM Department, Research Strategy Group, Ethics Committee, Exam Boards, and CIPD, AMBA, EQUIS and AACSB Accreditations. Dr. Renwick therefore displays his leadership, management and administrative abilities in the posts just described. In acquiring more influential roles, he has increased his knowledge and experience of, and ability to contribute to, University operations, management and governance.

Career overview

Prior to entering academia, Doug gained industry experience, most notably at Motorola Limited (1992-1995). There, his work in Corporate Administration included managing the accounts of the Rank Organisation (films, cinemas, leisure & travel), Forte Group (hotels) and members the UK Royal Family, e.g. the late Lady Diana Frances Spencer, Her Royal Highness The Princess of Wales. Before joining Nottingham, Dr. Renwick was previously on the faculties of Sheffield Business School, The University of Sheffield (where he gained his PhD on inter-management work relationships) and The University of Strathclyde. He published his first journal article before he started his PhD in the Industrial Relations Journal (CABS 3) in 1998 with no changes required. He has since published eight journal articles, one book, five chapters and six case studies from his PhD - some 20 outputs in total. Overall, Doug has now published over 25 articles in esteemed double & triple-blind peer reviewed journal outlets.

Research areas

* green HRM

* decent green jobs

* staff voluntary green behaviours

* sustainable workforce management

External activity

Dr. Renwick's external examinerships include the UK and Irish HRM professional body, the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), where he was one of an elite group of academics CIPD invited to serve two terms as Assistant National Examiner for their HRM modules over one decade (1998-2008). More recently, he has been external examiner for HRM modules at the Business School connected to the select C9 (Ivy) League Xi'an Jiaotong University in China (2015-2018). Doug is regularly invited to present his research work inside and outside the UK, and has presented his own solo-authored research at the academic bodies of the Academy of International Business (AIB), Academy of Management (AoM), British Academy of Management (BAM) and European Academy of Management (EURAM). Doug's consultancy engagements include the Johnston Press and Scottish Power, and he has most recently been invited to present his research at the highly prestigious Academy of Management (AoM) conference: in Boston, USA (2019), and as a Symposium Chair in Vancouver, Canada (2020). He has been an ESRC grant reviewer (rapporteur), and an international assessor for academic staff promotions to the rank of Associate Professor for both Middlesex University, UK (2016) and the New York Institute of Technology, USA (2020).

Doug is an active ad-hoc referee invited to review for thirteen globally leading, well-ranked and reputable Chartered Association of Business School (CABS) journals in HRM, Business & Management. They include the:

* Academy of Management Perspectives (CABS 3 - 2018, Impact Factor 5.098);

* Applied Psychology (CABS 3 - 2018, Impact Factor 2.808);

* British Journal of Management (CABS 4 - 2018, Impact Factor 3.023);

* Career Development International (CABS 2 - 2018, Impact Factor, 2.320);

* Employee Relations (CABS 2 - 2018, Impact Factor, 1.641);

* European Management Review (CABS 3 - 2018, Impact Factor, 1.533);

* Human Resource Management Journal (CABS 4 - 2018, Impact Factor, 3.816);

* Human Resource Management, USA, Wiley (CABS 4 - 2018, Impact Factor, 2.476);

* International Journal of Management Reviews (CABS 3 - 2018, Impact Factor, 8.631);

* Journal of Cleaner Production (CABS 2 - 2018, Impact Factor, 7.246);

* Management Decision (CABS 2 - 2018, Impact Factor, 2.723);

* Personnel Review (CABS 2 - 2018, Impact Factor, 2.074); and

* The International Journal of Human Resource Management  (CABS 3 - 2018, Impact Factor, 3.040);

Dr. Renwick has been Visiting Professor at WU, the Vienna University of Economics and Business in Austria for over five years, and is external academic advisor to the OB/HRM division at ISEG The Lisbon School of Economics & Management in Portugal. Doug is also a member of the International Humanistic Management Association at the Gabelli School of Business, Fordham University, USA, and a member of the Innovating for Sustainability Salon at Ivey Business School in Canada. Among others, he has been an Editorial Board Member of Employee Relations: The International Journal (CABS 2) for over seven years, and of The International Journal of Human Resource Management (CABS 3) for over five years.

Press expertise

* green HRM

* decent green jobs

* staff voluntary green behaviours

* sustainable workforce management