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Karl Landstrom staff profile image

Karl Landstrom

Research Fellow

Nottingham Business School


Karl Landström is a Research Fellow in the Responsible and Sustainable Business (RSB) Lab in the Department of Management. Karl joined Nottingham Business School in November 2022.

Career overview

Karl holds Master’s degrees in Education and Applied Ethics from Linköpings University, and is at the final stages of completing his Ph.D in Philosophy of Social Science at Coventry University during which he worked closely with the GCRF Migration for Development and Equality’ Research Hub (MIDEQ).

Research areas

Karl’s research is situated at the intersection of ethics and epistemology. The ethics of our epistemic lives and practices have become increasingly scrutinized in academic debates. In feminist philosophy, and particularly feminist social epistemology, the theorizing of epistemic injustice, epistemic oppression and epistemologies of ignorance have given rise to a constantly growing body of research. Likewise, across the social sciences and the humanities calls for inclusive and just practices in teaching and research are commonplace, and so are calls for decolonisation. Generally, Karl’s research aspires to contribute to these closely related debates as they pertain to academic research practice and governance by drawing upon a combination of feminist social epistemology, hermeneutics, and post- and decolonial theory.