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Milad Dehghani

Milad Armani Dehghani

Senior Research Fellow

Nottingham Business School


Dr Milad Armani Dehghani is a Senior Research Fellow in FinTech at the Centre for Finance, Technology, and Society (CFTS). Milad takes a lead role in designing, conducting, and managing research projects in the CFTS. His research focuses on different facets of FinTech that can benefit society, including but not limited to CBDC, Metaverse, DeFi, and NEO banks. He also supervises early career researchers in the centre as well as supervising master's students at Nottingham Business School. Further, he teaches courses  'Research Methods' and 'Digital Management Operation' to master students.

Milad collaborates with colleagues in other universities globally dispersed through international networks. In detail, he conducts primarily qualitative and mixed-method approaches to emerging technologies and digital innovation fields. This includes but is not limited to technology adoption, technology forecasting, HCI, and End-user development (EUD) in response to new technological innovation development.

Milad is accepting PhD candidates and is keen on working collaboratively with potential candidates who are familiar with Fintech topics at large.

Career overview

Milad has a multidisciplinary background with studies in Information Systems and Management. He received a PhD in Industrial Engineering & Technology Management from the Sapienza University of Rome in 2017. For his doctoral dissertation, Milad investigated the technology analysis and forecasting of smart wearable technologies such as smartwatches, virtual reality and augmented reality. After that, he went to Hong kong as a postdoctoral researcher, where he was involved in projects related to autonomous systems and data sharing in the healthcare industry at the City University of Hong Kong. Later in his academic career, he moved to Canada for his second postdoctoral fellowship at Toronto Metropolitan University. During this period, he mainly investigated the cybersecurity and privacy aspect of emerging technologies such as blockchain technology. Further, Milad conducted multiple projects as a lead researcher with some industry partners based in Toronto's financial industry. Next, he won a Micro-Fellowship [three months] from ITMO university in Saint Petersburg, where he engaged in a project regarding the impact of blockchain technology on the food industry. Additionally, he delivered seminars and lectures to students at ITMO.

In mid of 2020, Milad started his new career as a research fellow and lecturer at University College Cork in Ireland. Besides some teaching duties, Milad was a key member of the Fintechnext group that is multi-million euro between UCC and Fexco company, and Science Foundation Ireland. He completed and published multiple scientific outputs in world-leading journals as the primary researcher for two and a half years. Furthermore, he was involved in highly innovative IPs for commercialisation in the FinTech industry. Finally, Milad joined the new Centre for Fintech (CFTS) at Nottingham Trent University in the summer of 2022 as a senior research fellow.

Research areas

Milad has been involved in research within the following areas:

  • Technological innovation
  • Human-Computer Interaction
  • Technology adoption
  • Emerging Technology
  • FinTech
  • Wearable Computing
  • Blockchain technology
  • Cryptocurrency

External activity

Milad has actively engaged as a guest editor and ad-hoc reviewer in more than 15 technological innovation journals. He has also been a guest lecturer and speaker in various universities across the globe.

Sponsors and collaborators

Milad has extensive experience as a technology consultant in some start-ups and firms in the financial industry. Also, he has been an inventor of three relevant patents related to financial technology—for example, the Tokenisation Platform for Carbon Offsetting & Reduction Scheme for International Aviation.


Milad's research has led to the publication of 21 scientific papers in leading journals and the presentation of his work at major international conferences, with a total citation of 1500 as of October 2022. A list of publications can be found on Google Scholar, Researchgate and ORCID.

Press expertise

  • Blockchain technology
  • Technology adoption
  • Cryptocurrency
  • User privacy
  • Metaverse
  • NFTs