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Robert Mullings

Robert Mullings

Senior Lecturer

Nottingham Business School


Dr Mullings is the module leader for International Development Economics and Co-Lecturer in the Economics of International Growth and Development. He also supervises research on issues related to International Economics, Finance and Economic Development. Dr. Mullings also provides mentorship and supervision to placement students.

Career overview

Before joining Nottingham Trent University, Robert served in a variety of roles in UK Higher Education. He lectured within the Department of Economics at the University of Birmingham and had prior teaching roles in the School of Economics - University of Nottingham, The University of Nottingham Business School and at Nottingham Trent International College.  He has also served in External Examiner roles in UK Higher Education.

Before travelling to the United Kingdom, from Jamaica to pursue doctoral studies, Robert served as an Assistant Lecturer within the Department of Economics at the University of the West Indies, lecturing courses in Finance and Quantitative Analysis and occasionally leading courses in International Trade at Mona School of Business.

Dr. Mullings has also served within the Financial Stability Department at the Bank of Jamaica (the Jamaican Central Bank) and has previously worked within the Statistical Institute of Jamaica. Prior to and while pursuing undergraduate studies, Dr. Mullings worked at the Bank of Nova Scotia (in Jamaica) in retail banking.

Research areas

Robert’s research focuses on key themes in International Economics with a particular focus on issues facing developing countries. He has already published in leading economics journals on the role of institutions and on the effects of international trade on Economic Growth. Key themes explored in his research are: Globalization and its impacts, International Trade, Inequality and the role of Institutions in shaping economic development outcomes.

External activity

Robert currently serves as external examiner at University of East Anglia (INTO). He is also a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, a Member of the American Economic Association. Robert also advises the Jamaican Diaspora Committee in the United Kingdom on Economic Issues facing Jamaica.

Sponsors and collaborators

  • Dr.Aruneema Mahabir,
  • Dr. Jingwen Fang
  • Dr. Michael Henry
  • Professor Chris Milner
  • Professor Peter Wright