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Mr Aaron Bradbury

School of Social Sciences


Principal Lecturer Early Years and Childhood (Learning and Development, Psychology, Special Educational Needs and Inclusion)

Career overview

I have been working in Early Years and Childhood since I left formal Education. I qualified as  Nursery Nurse completing my Btec National Diploma in Early Years and Education. I completed Higher Education and completed a teaching qualification and PGCE. Since graduating I have been heavily involved in the Early Years and I have worked in Early Years for the majority of my career. I have also taught in FE teaching Early Years and Care. I have been fortunate to work and lead a large team in Sure Start and Short Breaks for Children with Disabilities. I have also been a Children's Commissioner for Public Health and Social Care. My current role at Nottingham Trent Institute of Education is Principal Lecturer for Early Years and Childhood.

I am the Principal Lecturer for Early Years and Childhood (Learning and Development, Psychology, Special Educational Needs, and Inclusion) and Early Childhood Studies at Nottingham Trent University. I am a Member of the Coalition for the Early Years on the Birth to Five Matters Non-Statutory Guidance for the EYFS and chaired and written the Equalities and Inclusion section with colleagues in the sector. I am currently researching on Early Childhood workforce development and has a project called “Reconceptualising the third teacher: A study of trainee experiences of work-based learning on level 3 early years programmes. I am a published author on early childhood theories and child development. I am leading a joint research project with academic colleagues from NTU and UPSI in Malaysia focusing on Early Years Policy. I sit on many national early childhood groups and I am also a consultant on many aspects of early years and child development. I have spoken as a keynote speaker both nationally and internationally on contemporary issues within the early childhood sector. I have a passion for making the voice of the child, nurturing through a diverse lens and pioneers of early childhood the foreground of practice.

Research areas

Doctor of Education - Submitted February 2023 - Reconceptualising the Third Teacher: A study of trainee experiences of work based learning on Level 3 Early Years Programmes.

Nottingham Trent University (NTU) (England) and Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris (UPSI) Early Childhood Development Centre (Malaysia). Joint Research Project. Play and Pedagogy - A Global Perspective: Play and Early Childhood Pedagogy; A comparative study investigating Play and Early Childhood Pedagogy between England and Malaysia.

External activity

Executive Member of the Early Childhood Studies Degrees Network

Associate Pen Green Research Base

Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Skills - Trailblazer

Early Years Reviews  - Website and Blog

Pearson HND Module Writer - BTEC Higher Nationals Early Childhood Education and Care

Socialist Education Association - Early Years Birmingham Branch

School Governor - Chair of Governors - Washwood Heath Nursery School

Consultant - Early Years Qualifications, Early Years

Editorial Board - Early Years Educator


News and Articles

Bradbury, A. & Murdoch, J. (2018) Above and Beyond: Widening Participation for Apprenticeship Learners within Health and Social Care. FE News

Bradbury, A. (2020) Why Universities need to work more closely with Training providers and how it can be achieved. FE News.


Doctor of Education - Submitted February 2023 - Reconceptualising the Third Teacher: A study of trainee experinces of work based learning on Level 3 Early Years Programmes.

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Bradbury, A. (2020) Early Years Supervision: A Practitoners Guide. Early Years Reviews.

Bradbury, A. (2020) Early Years Guide to the Voice of the Child. Early Years Reviews.

Early Years Coalition (2021) Birth to Five Matters. Chair of the Equality and Inclusion Chapter.

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Bradbury, A. (2021) From being to becoming - Early years education and research within practice. In: Flood, J. & Brown, C. The Research Informed Teaching Revolution. London. John Catt Publication. pp 17 - 26.
Bradbury, A. & Swailes, R. (2022) Early Childhood Theorists Today. London. Learning Matters

Bradbury, A. (2022) Nurturing in the Early Years: What the science tells us? (96), 1, pp. 7-9. ISSN 0960-2816

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Bradbury, A., Musgrave, J., Perkins, H. (2023) A Practical Guide To Early Childhood Studies Graduate Practitioner Competencies. London. Learning Matters.

Conferences/Key note speaker

Bradbury, A. (2019) Conference Paper - Working together through an apprenticeship framework for Early Childhood Professionals. Macao, China.

Bradbury, A. (2020) Presentation - The changing landscape of the Early Years and its implications on the child. Socialist Educational Association. February 2020. Bristol.

Bradbury, A. (2020) LGBTQ Representation in the Early Years. Early Childhood Conference. University of Derby.

Bradbury, A. (2020) The importance of Nurture and Nurturing environments in the Early Years. Kinderly Learn.

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Bradbury, A. (2021) LGBTQ Representation in Early Childhood and services. Early Childhood Studies Degrees Network.

Bradbury, A. (2021) The Early Years Child: Nurturing Children through a diverse lens. Early Excellence: A Celebration of Early Childhood Education.

Bradbury, A. (2023) Nurturing Children - What the Science Tells Us. Nursery World Show.

Bradbury, A. & Swailes, R. (2023) Early Childhood Theories Today. North West Early Years Stronger Practice Hub.


Bradbury, A. & Pemberton, L. (2020) The Early Years Inclusion Revolution. Famly.

Bradbury, A. (2020) Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in the Early Years. Kinderly.

Bradbury, A. (2020) Play, is it a lost word?. Nottingham Institute of Education Blog.

Bradbury, A. & Coffey, G. (2021) Why LGBTQ Representation matters in the Early Years. Famly.

Bradbury, A. (2021) How to nurture children and enhance your environment in the Early Years. Kinderly.


Owner - Early Years Reviews

Executive Member/Vice Chair Early Childhood Studies Degrees Network -

Editorial Board Member - Early Years Educator

QAA Subject Benchmark writer - Early Childhood Studies - Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education

Press expertise

Early Years


Child Development

Early Childhood Research

Workforce Development

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