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Jingchen is a professor of Law at Nottingham Law School, supervising PhD students working on projects in corporate law, corporate social responsibility and corporate governance.

He teaches in the areas of corporate law, corporate governance, corporate social responsibility, securities regulation and Chinese law.

Career overview

Jingchen holds a doctorate from the University of Manchester. He has taught at several UK universities most recently at University of Leeds, where he specialised in corporate social responsibility, corporate law and corporate governance. He joined Nottingham Law School in May 2018.

Research areas

Jingchen’s research specialism is within corporate law, corporate social responsibility and corporate governance, and he also contributes to research in the areas of insolvency law, Chinese law and financial law.

His research specialism extends from general aspects of business law to interdisciplinary areas such as law and finance. Much of his current research filled the gap in research on the legal aspects of corporate social responsibility, law and finance, law and development, shareholders’ rights and corporate governance. His most recent research has focused on board accountability in corporate governance, corporate governance in emerging market, shareholder litigation, regulating corporate social responsibility and extraterritorial attempts at addressing sustainability challenges.

He published a number of articles in high quality journals including Legal Studies, Hong Kong Law Journal, Northwestern Journal of International Law and Business, Journal of Corporate Law Studies, European Business Organization Law Review, Journal of Business Law, Texas International Law Review, Brooklyn Journal of Corporate, Financial & Commercial Law and Northern Ireland Legal Quarterly. His monograph ‘Corporate Social Responsibility in Contemporary China’ was published by Edward Elgar in the ‘Globalisation, Corporation and the Law’ series.

Jinchen’s research has been supported by research grants from the ESRC, Social Science Foundation of China and Natural Science Foundation of China. He is currently involved in a three-year project funded jointly by the ESRC Newton Fund and the Natural Science Foundation of China entitled ‘Boosting Growth through Strengthening Investor and Creditor Protection in China: How China can learn from the UK Experience.’

External activity

Jingchen is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. He acts as the external examiner for Aston Law and Westminster Law School.

Sponsors and collaborators

Professor Andrew Keay, University of Leeds

Professor Gerard McCormack, University of Leeds

Professor Shuangge Wen, Jilin University, China

Dr Chuyi Wei, University of Leeds

Dr John Tribe, University of Liverpool


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