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Samantha Pegg

Samantha Pegg

Principal Lecturer

Nottingham Law School

Staff Group(s)
Nottingham Law School staff


Dr Pegg is Programme Leader for Law with Criminology, and Deputy Programme Leader for Law LLB Distance Learning. She is Module Leader for Sexuality and the Law.

Research areas

Samantha Pegg's research areas include:

  • historical conceptions of insanity and gender
  • offences against children and issues of consent
  • child-on-child murder and criminality, past and present
  • how crime is presented in the media
  • sexual offences and pornography.

External activity

Samantha Pegg is the Co-director for SOLON NTU, and also the Commissioning Editor for SOLON Law, Crime and History journal.


(2013) Pegg, S., Sweet Fanny Adams and Sarah's Law: The creation of rhetorical shorthand in the print press, Law, Crime and History, 1.

(2009) Pegg, S., 'Madness is a woman' Constance Kent and Victorian Constructions of Female Insanity, Liverpool Law Review, 30:(3): 207-223.

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Press expertise

  • child-on-child killing
  • Victorian and modern
  • criminal law
  • offences against the person
  • manslaughter
  • murder
  • press presentations of crime and criminality
  • sexual offences and sexual offending
  • pornography
  • body modification
  • revenge porn