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Seema Patel

Seema Dr Seema Patel

Senior Lecturer

Nottingham Law School

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Academic Division Nottingham Law School staff


Seema is a senior lecturer in law. She leads, lectures and tutors on a number of law modules. Her area of expertise is Sports Law in which she module leads an optional final-year undergraduate module. Seema also leads modules on the LLM Sports Law course. She is involved in the supervision of Sports Law PhD projects.

Career overview

After completing LLB and LLM degrees at Nottingham Trent University, Seema was a senior lecturer in Sports Law and Management in the Sport Science department at NTU. One of her key roles included the management of a successful work placement module for final-year undergraduate sport students.

Research areas

Seema has a PhD in Sports Law. She is an expert on discrimination in sport and the regulatory balance between inclusion and exclusion in competitive sport. Her current research includes gender discrimination and genetic discrimination. Seema has frequently attended and presented her research at a number of national and international conferences. She has also published in her area and has released a book with Routledge.

External activity

In May 2019, Seema’s legal commentary on the sport court decision against Caster Semenya, received international coverage. For instance, her reaction was included in BBC World Service, BBC Sport, The Daily Telegraph and a range of international outlets in countries such as Australia, Malaysia, India and Canada.

In June 2019, Seema featured in the BBC One documentary, The Trans Women Athlete Dispute. She was interviewed by Martina Navratilova on the participation of trans women in sport.

In June 2018, Seema was invited to speak at a workshop organised by the University of Aberdeen in the Philosophy Department. The workshop was entitled ‘Segregation and Inclusion in Sports’, which brought together academics, members of professional organisations and members of the public to discuss the nature and legitimacy of widespread sex/gender-based restrictions to athletes’ participation in sports competitions.

In September 2018, Seema appeared on BBC World Service Radio Programme, Sports Hour, offering expert commentary on the sport case involving South African female athlete Caster Semenya.

In October 2018, Seema was invited to speak at a prestigious conference hosted by the Department of Private Law at the University Of Pretoria, South Africa. The conference was entitled “Eligibility to participate in women's sport” and was a meeting of expert minds to assess and critique the controversial IAAF eligibility rules. The conference was attended by a number of experts in the field of law, science and sport. Seema was interviewed for international television coverage of the conference.

In July 2015, Seema was interviewed by BBC World Service Radio to provide expert commentary on the Dutee Chand case (CAS 2014/A/3759 Dutee Chand v. Athletics Federation of India & The International Association of Athletics Federations).



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Conference Papers Presented

The European Dimension of Sport as a Medium for Enhancing Participation. Patel S, Sport and EU Conference, NTU, 1st July 2011.

"What is Gender in Sport Competition" (oral paper) presented with international colleagues from Southern Illinois University, USA, at the "Conference on Law, Policy and the Olympic Movement" Ithaca College London Centre, UK, May 2010.

"Using Lived Experiences to Explore Inclusion and Exclusion in Sport: the case of the British Indian Female" (Oral Paper),presented at the "Sport and Society Conference" University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada, March 2010.

"Transgender and Sport: A UK Perspective" (Oral Paper) presented at the "Ithaca College Sport, Sexuality, and Culture Conference" Ithaca College, USA, March 2009.

"The Level Playing Field: Balancing Inclusion and Exclusion in Sport" (Oral Paper) presented at the "22nd Annual Conference on Sport, Physical Activity, Recreation and Law" San Antonio, Texas, USA, March 2009.

"Women in Sport: An Anglo-American Comparison" (Oral Paper) presented at "Girls and Women Rock: Celebrating 35 years of sport and Title IX" Conference, Cleveland, USA, March 2007.

"The Value of Sport versus Inclusiveness: The Legal Regulation of Transsexuals in Sport" (Oral Paper) presented at the Socio-Legal Studies Association Conference, Stirling, Scotland, March 2006.

"Football: Legal and Regulatory Approaches to Women in a 'Men's Game'" (Oral Paper) co- presented with Mr Simon Boyes at the International Football Institute Conference, Preston, UK, June 2005.

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Press expertise

  • Sports Law
  • Discrimination in sport
  • Sex and gender issues in sport
  • Disability
  • Race
  • Inclusion and exclusion