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Ajay John Arputharaj

Ajay John Arputharaj


Global Student Experience Administrator (Clifton)


Ajay is responsible for managing the Clifton Global Lounge as well as co-ordinating various Clifton Global Lounge activities. Ajay’s main aim is to raise awareness of the Clifton Global Lounge activities among NTU students and staff. The Clifton Global Lounge is a place where students can socialise with other students in a relaxed environment, internationalise their experience, as well as find information about global study opportunities.

His major duties are organising and managing social/ cultural activities, promote the Clifton Global lounge to all students and staff, collaborate with other departments for activities, managing the global lounge assistant, providing enquires to students related to global study opportunities, and administration.

Career overview

Ajay completed his multiple university degrees in India, the UK, and Germany. In 2019, he started his MBA degree at Nottingham Trent University, and in August 2020, he started his one-year placement as the Global Lounge Student Engagement Assistant at the City Global Lounge.