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Benjamin Dickins

Ben Dickins

Senior Lecturer

School of Science & Technology

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Dr Dickins is a Lecturer in the School of Science and Technology with teaching responsibilities in molecular biology, biochemistry and evolution.

Career overview

Dr Dickins' background in molecular genetics traces to his PhD in which he examined the postnatal phenotypic consequences of disrupting imprinted gene function in mammals. For his postdoc, Dr Dickins extended his expertise and made use of next-generation sequencing technologies (NGS). Exploiting the fact that NGS are parallel sequencing technologies, he used the Illumina™ platform to track shifts in polymorphism occurring during experimental evolution in a bacteriophage. In subsequent work he used a similar approach to examine the inheritance of mitochondrial heteroplasmy in human families.

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Research areas

Dr Dickins is establishing a programme of work based around two questions:

  • What factors affect the evolution of mutation rate?
  • What are the effects of mutation rate variation within and between populations and individuals?

To pursue these interests he is establishing projects in the lab (with phage) and at the computer terminal (with bacterial and viral sequences).

Opportunities to carry out postgraduate research in the School of Science and Technology exist and further information may be obtained from the NTU Graduate School.

External activity

Dr Dickins is an ordinary member of the Society for the Study of Evolution (USA).


Selected publications

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Press expertise

  • (Small genome) genomics
  • Mutation
  • Experimental evolution