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Cheuk-Wing LI

Cheuk-Wing Li

Senior Lecturer

School of Science & Technology


Wing Li is a Senior Lecturer of Analytical Chemistry in the School of Science and Technology.  He is the Module Leader for Advanced Chemistry and Advanced Chemical Analysis.  He teaches on the following modules:

  • CHEM10191 Intro to Analytical Chemistry
  • CHEM10211 Intro to Forensic Analysis
  • CHEM20551 Analytical Chemistry
  • CHEM30306 Advanced Chemical Analysis
  • CHEM30310 Advanced Chemistry
  • CHEM19001 Chemistry Yr1 Tutorial Module
  • CHEM29001 Chemistry Yr2 Tutorial Module

Career overview

Senior Lecturer, Nottingham Trent University, UK (2018-present)

Assistant Professor, University of Macau, Macau (2011-2018)

Research Fellow, City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong (2009-2011)

Postdoctoral Scholar, Stanford University, USA (2007-2009)

Research areas

Dr. Li has been working in the field of biochip technology for over 18 years.  His research interests are focused on the development of low-cost biochip fabrication methods and the application of biochip technology in cell-based assays and high-throughput drug screening using microorganisms such as zebrafishes.

External activity

Member of Royal Society of Chemistry


  • 2019    Diplôme pour I’invention: “Dispositif d'imagerie motorisé pour le criblage à haut débit des poissons zèbres”, Salon International Des Inventions, Genève
  • 2017    Merit Award in the “2017 Cross Straits, Hong Kong and Macau Collaborative Innovation Road Show Competition”, Macau
  • 2016    The State Natural Science Award, the second class, China

Sponsors and collaborators

Recent research is being carried out in collaboration with, or funded by:

Funding supported by the University of Macau

  • Enhanced mixing and debris filter for the analysis of herbal extracts in microfluidic chips, SRG012_ICMS12_LCW (2011-2012)
  • Optimizing concentration ratio among tetrandrine and anticancer drugs on a microfluidic platform for the study of synergistic anticancer effects against multi-drug resistance leukemia cells, MYRG043(Y1-L1)-ICMS12-LCW (2012-2014)
  • Development of a Fully Automated Biochip Platform for the Study of Tradition Medicine, MYRG108(Y1-L2)-ICMS13-LCW (2013-2016)
  • Large scale screening platform for zebrafish with posture adjustment microwells, MYRG2017-00112-ICMS (2018-2019)

Funding supported by Macau government

  • Measurement of rate constants of receptor-ligand binding on an automated microfluidic chip, FDCT/042/2016/A (2017-2018)




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