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David Donkin

David Donkin

Senior Technician

School of Science & Technology


Staff Group(s)
Sport Technical Staff Technicians


David Donkin is Senior Technician in the Sport and Exercise Science department at NTU, Mansfield Hub and its associated sport science laboratories.

David provides technical support to teaching staff and students during lectures, practical sessions and any other learning activities. Undertakes scheduled demonstrations of equipment, processes and techniques for classes and individual students and staff as required. Assists students, including those involved in research, in the development, construction and testing of project work and equipment. Develops new apparatus and test equipment for use in the teaching and research laboratory and 3R stream income projects as appropriate.

David plans and organises the material and equipment required for teaching, practical laboratory and studio sessions including preparation of materials and setting up of equipment for experiments, ensuring that it is all working correctly. Responsible for the maintenance of all equipment/machinery within the designated area, ensuring equipment/machinery is in good working order. Contributes to short-term projects within own area/section or as part of a larger school-wide project team to support the achievement of project objectives. E.g. Third stream income generation projects.

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