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Farooq Sher

Senior Lecturer

Department of Engineering

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Senior Lecturer -  Department  of Engineering

Career overview

Dr Farooq Sher is Assistant Professor in the Department of Engineering, School of Science and Technology at Nottingham Trent University. His undergraduate degree (BEng) was in Chemical Engineering, followed by MSc Chemical Engineering from the University of Leeds. He was awarded PhD in Chemical and Environmental Engineering from the University of Nottingham in 2017. He has extensive teaching experience across multidisciplinary engineering and sciences. His research focus is on the area of energy and environment with an emphasis on the utilisation of various renewable energy resources for clean energy using sustainable technologies.

Research areas

Dr Farooq Sher current research overviews the diverse range of approaches and technologies to minimise emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) a greenhouse gas from the use of fossil fuels (coal, oil and gas). It also includes developing technologies to remove carbon dioxide from the flue gases of power plants and chimneys, as well as burn the fuels in pure oxygen (Oxy-fuel), which results in a flue gas that consists entirely of carbon dioxide and water vapours that can be captured relatively easily and can be stored safely in repositories deep underground. Moreover, He is working towards nanomaterials synthesis with applications in wastewater treatment, sustainable energy, climate change and low carbon technologies. The main interests are in the conversion of renewable sources such as biomass, solar, wind and hydro into heat and power including their impact on the environment and climate change. He is also studying the combustion behaviour of different fossil fuels to get a better understanding of their environmental impacts. His expertises are in energy, energy optimisation, wastewater treatment, hydrogen production, fluidised bed combustion (FBC), life cycle assessment (LCA), oxy-fuel combustion, carbon capture and storage (CCS) and environmental management.

Dr Farooq Sher has published more than 100 research papers, several conference papers, book chapters and editorials. Apart from this, he is the editor of more than 10 different multidisciplinary scientific journals. He has reviewed more than 1300 journal papers for several journals. He has been awarded a top reviewer for Engineering from Publons Academy in 2018.

External activity

Dr Farooq Sher is a member of departmental and faculty committees. Externally, he is an associate member of Institute of Chemical Engineers (IChemE), senior member of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) and professional engineering member of Engineers Australia (IEAust). He is also interested in various forms of community work both within the University and outside such as British Red Cross and STEM Ambassador for youngsters to value them in their lives and careers.


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