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Gavin Weedon

Gavin Weedon

Associate Professor

School of Science & Technology


I am a Senior Lecturer in Sociology of Sport within the Department of Sport Science, and Head of the Sport and Society Research Group. My research and teaching explore the social and ecological dimensions of sport, health and exercise, with a particular focus on nature-society relations, political economy and consumerism, and the politics of embodiment. I lead the undergraduate elective module Sociology of Sport, Health and the Body (SPOR20202), and teach sociology across the Sport Science degree programmes.

Career overview

I joined NTU in 2016 from the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada, where I completed my PhD in the School of Kinesiology. Before this I studied at Southampton Solent University (BA Hons) and Loughborough University (MSc), where my research focussed on youth sport, labour migration, and globalisation. My doctoral studies at UBC comprised an interdisciplinary programme of political ecology, science and technology studies, and cultural studies. In 2019, I received the Young Researcher Award from the European Society for the Sociology of Sport for my work on body cultures of the Anthropocene.

Research areas

I am currently co-authoring a monograph titled Protein Cultures with Samantha King, Queen’s University, Canada. We are charting the contemporary enthusiasm for protein, the über nutrient of our times, through a blend of cultural studies, political ecology and critical theories of the body. This project is funded by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada. I am also embarking on a project provisionally titled Respiratory Justice, in which I conceptualise breath and breathing as the corporeal experience of global social and political issues, not least climate justice and social justice. This work is funded by the International Social Research Foundation’s Early Career Fellowship.

Postgraduate Students

I welcome inquiries from prospective PhD students interested in critical, qualitative studies of sport, health and the body. Within those parameters, I am open to supervising a range of topics and issues including but not limited to those explored in my prior and ongoing research.


Peer-reviewed articles

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