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Dr Jack Ashby



Lecturer in Exercise Physiology

Career overview

Dr Ashby was awarded his PhD from the Nottingham Trent University after completing his BSc (Hons) in Sport Science, and MRes in Exercise Physiology. During his PhD, Dr Ashby was an hourly paid lecturer in Sports Science at Nottingham Trent University teaching modules such as: Introduction to Research; Child Growth, Health and Performance; Applied Sport Science; and Environmental Physiology.

Research areas

Dr Ashby is a member of the Sport, Health and Performance Enhancement research group and the Sport Performance research group at Nottingham Trent University. His research interests include:

  • The use of compression garments on exercise performance and recovery.
  • The application of thermal imaging to examine skin temperature following injury.
  • The application of 3D scanning to examine limb volume.


Ashby, J., Lewis, M., Sanchis-Sanchis, R. et al. Customised pressure profiles of made-to-measure sports compression garments. Sports Eng 24, 12 (2021).

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