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Matt Tranter


School of Science & Technology

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Physics and Mathematics


Dr Tranter is responsible for teaching the modules Mathematical Methods and Topics in Applied Mathematics. His research involves the construction of weakly-nonlinear approximations to partial differential equations, particularly those governing nonlinear waves, as well as numerical simulations. He also has an interest in fluid dynamics.

Career overview

Dr Tranter completed his PhD at Loughborough University in 2018, modelling the propagation of nonlinear waves in layered waveguides. He then continued to work at Loughborough University on the modelling of droplets rolling down an incline plane, with either smooth or rough topography, using the diffuse-interface Cahn-Hilliard-Navier-Stokes model. This model was used to simulate the effect of rain droplets on a solar panel.

In 2019 Dr Tranter started work as a Lecturer in Applied Mathematics at Nottingham Trent University, his current role. He continues to work on the propagation of nonlinear waves, such as solitons, in layered waveguides with a particular focus on the detection of finite delaminations within the structure, as well as continuing his research on droplet motion.

Research areas

Dr Tranter's research interests are in nonlinear waves, fluid dynamics, mathematical modelling and numerical analysis, specifically:

  • Localised and periodic nonlinear wave propagation in layered waveguides
  • Pseudospectral and finite-difference techniques for partial differential equations
  • Fluid-structure interaction problems
  • Diffuse-interface models for droplet motion
  • Multiscale methods
  • Weakly-nonlinear solutions to nonlinear partial differential equations

If you are interested in applying for a MRes or PhD in any of the areas above, please e-mail Dr Tranter for further information.

External activity

Refereeing for scientific journals:

  • Baghdad Science Journal
  • Mathematical Reviews