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Philippa Jobling


School of Science & Technology

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Philippa is a full-time PhD student in the SPEED Lab at NTU, specialising in sports engineering and exercise physiology.

Career overview

Philippa completed her undergraduate BSc (Hons.) Exercise and Sports Science at Manchester Metropolitan University before going on to achieve her MSc at Kings College London in Human and Applied Physiology. Before starting her PhD, Philippa worked as a research assistant for 15 months in the SPEED Lab at NTU. She ran a project alongside Dr Steve Faulkner investigating the effects of hip angle on thermoregulation during cycling.

Research areas

Philippa’s current research interests include; the effects of textile properties and extreme environments on human thermoregulation and sports performance alongside the use of smart sensors for measuring body temperature.

Sponsors and collaborators

Huub Design

Nottingham Trent University