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Wendy Balestri

Research Fellow

School of Science & Technology

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As Lab Demonstrator for BEng Biomedical Engineering and MEng Biomedical Engineering, Wendy helps students learn how to use practical equipment and conduct experiments, along with answering questions linked to those demonstrations. Moreover, she ensures that students follow safety regulations for the laboratory and any specific precaution for each experiment.

Research areas

Wendy is developing a 3D in vitro model of the bone, tendon and muscle interface. Interfaces are transition areas collocated between different tissues that usually do not regenerate after injuries and deterioration. The incapacity of the interface to regenerate leads to graft instability, therefore after implanting a device for heal the damaged joint, it will not last more than few years. With this new complex 3D tissue model, it will be possible to study the interface formation and restoration of injured joints in patient to improve their life style and health.

The model will be 3D printed using smart materials to recreate a growth environment for cells that resembles native surrounding in the human body.

Prior to joining NTU, Wendy pursued a Masters in Molecular Biology at the University of Pisa. During this time, she developed a 3D in vitro model for liver fibrosis. In this model, human epatocarcinoma cells were seeded in collagen gels. Gels were stiffened by crosslink using an enzymatic reaction and parameters like vitality, proliferation and metabolic activity were evaluated. Also the mechanical properties of the gels were evaluated measuring the elastic modulus by nanoindentation.

External activity

During her undergraduate and master, Wendy did volunteering at a web radio called “Radiocicletta”. Here she worked as radio presenter in an outreach program that dealt with different scientific disciplines.