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Andrew Dunn

Andrew Dunn

Senior Lecturer

School of Social Sciences


Dr Andrew Dunn is a Senior Lecturer in Psychology. He teaches across all levels of the Psychology degrees and is the Course Leader for the MSc/MRes Psychological Research Methods degrees. Andrew has research interests in perception, memory, attention, evolutionary approaches and developmental psychology. He is also interested in visual motor action, space and location processing, and perceptual illusions. Andrew teaches across all levels of the undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in Psychology and has taught perception, cognition, developmental psychology, evolutionary psychology and research methods. His other responsibilities include tutorials, projects and extended essay supervision.

Career overview


University of York (Oct 1999 / Sept 2002)
Ph.D. Psychology – A Dual Route Account of Vision for Action and Perception: The Effects of the Judd Illusion on Pointing and Line Matching. (Viva Voce: Dec 2003)

University of York (Oct 1996 / June 1999)
BSc Psychology (Hons) 2.1


Nottingham Trent University (2003 / current)

Senior Lecturer (full time)

University of York (1999/2002)

Tutorial Assistant

York St John University College of Leeds (2001)

Visiting Lectureship

Administrative roles/Internal Committee Membership:

Combined Hons Associate Programme leader (2004/05)

Admissions Tutor for Psychology (2005/07)

Senior Admissions Tutor for Psychology (2007/2013)

University Steering Group for Diploma Qualifications (2008/09)

Staff Student Consultative Committee (2006/07)

Psychology Management Group (2007/08)

Research Seminar co-ordinator (2015/2018)

Research committee representative (2016/2018)

Programme leader MSc/MRes Psychological Research methods (2016/ current)

Athena Swan Working Group (2016/2018)

School Research Conference Committee organiser (2017/2018), lead (2018,2020)

College Degree Research Committee (2018/2020)

School Research Ethic Committee – Chair Psychology (2019/current)

Research areas

Andrew Dunn is an experimental psychologist interested in perception, memory and attention. His view is that humans have evolved as social animals – biological entities in a physical and social world.  Andrew’s work mainly focuses on person perception (processing faces, voice, bodies (movement and shape), and smell), the evolved mechanism underlying it, and the effect context has upon it. He is also interested in developmental psychology, space and location processing, visual motor action, and perceptual illusions. His work contributes to both the theoretical and the applied psychology literature.

External activity

Professional and committee membership:

Applied Vision Association (AVA): Ordinary Life Member

Behavioural & Brain Sciences (BBS): Associate Member

British Psychological Society (BPS): Graduate Member

Cognitive Section member (2008/ current)

Cognitive Section: Co-Opted committee member (2009/10)

Cognitive Section: Full committee member (2010/ current)

Cognitive Section: Annual conference organiser (2014)

Maths, Statistics and Computing Section: Section member (2011/ current)

International Society for Human Ethnology (ISHE): Ordinary Member

Association for Psychological Science: Ordinary Member

Fellow of Higher Education Academy (since 2011)

External Examining and Course Validation


The University of Sheffield MSc Psychology and Education (2018/ current),

Northampton University BSc Psychology (2016/ current), MSc Psychology (2019/ current)

University of Strathclyde University MSc Research Methods Psychology (2014/18)

Southampton Solent University BSc Psychology (2013/17)

University of Lincoln MSC Developmental Psychology (2013/14)

Belfast Metropolitan College for Further and Higher Education (University of Ulster), Certificate HE Social Sciences (2012/16)

University of Lincoln BSc Psychology (2010/14)

Course Validator

Institute of Education, University of London: Level 6 Module Consultant (Nov 2014)

Cambridge Access Validating Agency external validation of Access courses (June 2012)

Southampton Solent University - Graduate Diploma in Psychology (March 2011): validation panel member


Editor: Journal of Evolutionary Psychology (2013/15)

Editor: Evolution, Mind and Behaviour (2015/2020)

Editor: Culture and Evolution (2021/current)

Review Editor:  Frontiers in Developmental Psychology (2015/2018)

Associate Editor: BMC Psychology (2016/current)

Assistant Editor: The Cognitive Psychology Bulletin (2015/2017)

Editor: The Cognitive Psychology Bulletin (2017/2021)

He has also reviewed for a wide range of journals and book publishers, and grant awarding bodies.

Sponsors and collaborators

Consultancy work:

2005 - Boots the Chemist – developmental guides

2008 - Procter & Gamble UK - research project on the effects of colouring hair on psychological well-being and behaviour

2015 - NTU Future Factories Report for HOFFs restaurant: Psychology of food and stress reduction


2002 - Visual Sciences Society Travel Grant

2010 - Psychology REF award for attachment diagnostic tests

2011 - School REF award for fMRI scanning bid

2013 - School REF open access funds

2013 - School REF software & equipment funds

2014 - School REF Image generation and subject support funds

2016 - 2 X Departmental summer internships

2016 - BPS Annual Conference Symposium fund

2018 - QR Ref Funding: SPUR (Creating a database of face, voice, and audio-visual materials)

2018 - BPS Summer Student Bursary ((Liam Cahill - Development of an experimental process for assessing male body image and body dissatisfaction, using an Implicit Relational Assessment Procedure -IRAP)

2019 – School QR Ref Funding with Alison Hardy (PI): Tool Development for measuring, comparing and evaluating the values attributed to D&T education)

2021 – School QR funding with Alison Hardy (PI) Pilot intervention study for the Nuffield grant


Dr Benjamin Dyson (University of Alberta, Canada)

Dr Daniel Clark (Liverpool Hope University, UK)

Professor Thomas Baguley

Dr Paula Stacey

Dr Joost Leunissen

Dr Sally Andrews

Dr Harriet Smith

Dr Victoria Kroll

Dr Gareth Williams

Dr Rebecca Larkin

Dr Mike Marriott

Dr Alison Hardy (Education NTU)

Dr Katherine Whitehouse-Tedd (Animal Rural & Environmental Sciences NTU)

PhD supervision

Current PhD

Director of Studies

Liam Cahill (Body shape preferences)

Current Prof Doc

2nd supervisor

Samantha Chufungleung (decision making )

Past PhD

Director of studies

Daniel Clark PhD 2006/10 (Viva Voce 2010)

  • Clark, D. P. D. (2010). Exclusivity and memory for object location. PhD. Nottingham Trent University

Timothy Wells PhD 2007/10 (Viva Voce 2011)

  • Wells, T, J. (2011). Modality related effects of face and voice information and the perception of human attractiveness. PhD. Nottingham Trent University

Karima Susi PhD 2011/15 (Viva Voce 2015)

  • Susi, K (2015). Examining the evidence for a pitch centre in human auditory cortex: A multi-method approach. PhD. Nottingham Trent University

Victoria Kroll MSc Psychology Res Methods 2010; PhD 2011/16 (Viva Voce 2016)

  • Kroll, V. (2016). The Visual Processing of Human Faces and Bodies as Visual Stimuli in Natural Scenes. PhD. Nottingham Trent University

Harriet Smith PhD 2013/16 (Viva Voce 2016)

  • Smith, H. M. J. (2016). Matching novel face and voice identity using static and dynamic facial images PhD. Nottingham Trent University

Gabriella Mutale 2009 Psychology Res Methods; PhD (PT) 2011/16 Self Funded (Viva Voce 2016)

  • Mutale, G. J. (2016). Examining perceived pathogen threat and body weight preferences using experimental priming. PhD. Nottingham Trent.

Georgina Gous PhD 2013/17 (Viva Voce 2018)

  • Gous, G. J. (2018). Manipulation of fundamental frequency (F0) and speech rate on (synthetic) voice recognition performance and perceived speaker identity, sex and age.

2nd supervisor

Gayle Dillon 2003/07 (Viva Voce 2007)

  • Dillon, G. V. (2008). Exploring the nature of the imagination deficit in children with high functioning autism: A new approach. PhD. Nottingham Trent University

Guy Birkin 2007/10 (Viva Voce 2010)

  • Birkin, G. (2010). The art and psychology of judgments of aesthetics on pictorial art. PhD. Nottingham Trent University

Ibiyemi Oluwatosin Arowolo 2015/17 (Viva Voce 2017)

  • Arowolo, I. O. (2017) A Study of Emotional Intelligence in Patients with Bipolar Disorder.

Joshua Baker PhD 2015/2020 (submitted)

  • Motor-Cognitive Interference - Insights From Electrophysiology, Transcranial Stimulation And Motion Analysis.

Caroline Ford MSc Project supervisor 2016; PhD 2016/2021 (submitted)

  • What's the Contribution of Maths Anxiety, Metacognition, Strategy Use & Attitudes to maths on the Mathematical Performance of Primary Children.

Press expertise

  • Psychology
  • Perception
  • Memory
  • Attention
  • Cognition
  • Evolution
  • Haman mate choice, attractiveness and health
  • Face perception
  • Voice perception
  • Body shape perception
  • Developmental Psychology
  • Visual illusions