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Anna Cunningham

Senior Lecturer


Staff Group(s)


Senior Lecturer in Psychology, Teaching and Research pathway

Career overview

BSc (Hons) First Class, University of Warwick, 1998-2001

PGCE, Middle years Science, University of Bath, 2001- 2002

Primary school teacher 2003-2006

PhD, University of Warwick, 2007-2010

Post-doc, University of Warwick, 2010-2011

Post doc, Aston University, 2011-2014

Research fellow, Coventry University, 2015-2019

Senior lecturer, NTU, 2019-

Research areas

I am a developmental psychologist with specific expertise in early literacy and language development. I am particularly interested in investigating causal and/or reciprocal links between language and literacy using multi-variate statistical techniques with large longitudinal data-sets (e.g. structural equation modelling and multi-group modelling). I am also interested in the use of dynamic testing techniques to improve the predictability of outcomes. All my work is designed to impact the techniques best suited to teaching, assessing, and improving language and literacy skills in children.


  • Cunningham, A. J., Witton, C., Talcott, J. B., Burgess, A. P., & Shapiro, L. R. (2020). Dynamic relationships between phonological memory and reading: a five year longitudinal study from age 4 to 9. Developmental Science.
  • Duncan, M., Cunningham, A.J., & Eyre, E. (2019). A combined movement and story-telling intervention enhances motor competence and language ability in pre-schoolers to a greater extent than movement or story-telling alone. European Physical Education Review, 25(1), 221-235. doi:10.1177/1356336X17715772
  • Cunningham, A. J., Witton, C., Talcott, J. B., Burgess, A. P., & Shapiro, L. R. (2015). Deconstructing phonological tasks: The contribution of stimulus and response type to the prediction of early decoding skills. Cognition, 143, 178-186. doi:10.1016/j.cognition.2015.06.013
  • Cunningham, A. J., & Carroll, J. M. (2015). Early predictors of phonological and morphological awareness and the link with reading: Evidence from children with different patterns of early deficit. Applied psycholinguistics, 36(3), 509-531. doi:10.1017/S0142716413000295
  • Carroll, J. M., Mundy, I. R., & Cunningham, A. J. (2014). The roles of family history of dyslexia, language, speech production and phonological processing in predicting literacy progress. Developmental Science, 17(5), 727-742. doi:10.1111/desc.12153

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