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Dr Anne Felton

Head of Health and Allied Professions

Institute of Health and Allied Professions

Dr Anne Felton


Head of the Institute of Health and Allied Professions.

Career overview

Anne started her nursing career in rehabilitation mental health services, before moving to an academic role at the University of Nottingham.  Anne has undertaken a variety of roles within education including programme leader for mental health nursing field, unit lead which involved co-ordinating the development and delivery of innovative blended learning modules.  She became an associate professor in 2016 and was lead for the mental health and learning disabilities team.  She has an interest in student centred pedagogies and has lead a number of eductaional projects related to the participation of people with health conditions in professional education, simulation and student mental health.

Anne's practice is underpinned by a commitment to enhancing the lives and care experiences of people using health services. Throughout her career she has worked to achieve this through the impact of her own teaching practice to inspire confident and competent nurses and increasingly through developing a high performing team able to deliver excellent education and research in the healthcare field. Much of her work has adopted a co-production approach with effective partnerships with service users, students, practitioners and academics.

Research areas

Anne has conducted research using qualitative methods in mental health practice, particularly in relation to social inclusion, risk, and shared decision making. Her PhD ‘Psychiatry is a risk business’ the construction of mental health service users as risk object focussed on decision making in community and acute care settings. Critical perspectives are a common theme in her reseach.

She has undertaken educational research related to service user participation in nurse education. She has led and evaluated a range of educational innovations including the introduction of simulation for the development of mental health nursing skills. Anne co-produced "The Bridge Network" a group based peer support initiative to promote mental wellbeing in healthcare students.

External activity

  • Member of Detention Criteria, Topic Guide Group, Mental Health Act Review, Department of Health (2018)
  • Lead for the Education Standing Group, Mental Health Academics UK (2017-2019)
  • Member of Interdisciplinary Critical Values Based Practice Network (2010-Ongoing)
  • Associate Fellow, Institute of Mental Health



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