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Anne Owen

Principal Lecturer

School of Social Sciences

Staff Group(s)
Social Work and Health


Anne's teaching and research interests are formed by belief in the need for professional practice and academic research to inform each other; if they wish to make the most useful contribution to the creation of positive change for young people. Her particular areas of interest include:

  • career guidance
  • career education
  • work related learning
  • personal development.

Anne Owen has been a Senior lecturer in the Division since 2000, following eighteen years experience working within the career education and guidance sector.

After five years working directly with individuals, Anne was employed initially as a team leader and then subsequently as a Career Education Manager. In these latter roles, Anne engaged with primary, secondary and tertiary educational institutions as both consultant and trainer in order to support the development of career education curricula and the expertise of teachers and managers.

Anne currently teaches on a range of undergraduate, postgraduate and professional programmes and has a particular interest in supporting the capacity of teachers, educational workers and advisers working in the field. She has been actively involved in the development, delivery and leadership of a number of academic programmes designed to support the continued professional development needs of career education and guidance workers.

She is currently researching decider's perspectives on career planning and decision making.

Research areas

  • Guidance Interventions – One to One Skills
  • Career Education and Economic Well Being Education
  • IAG

Anne graduated from Leicester University before completing a Diploma in Career Guidance at Manchester Metropolitan University; she worked as a Careers Officer in the Manchester area before moving and providing guidance to young people in the North Derbyshire area.

She worked for nine years as a Team Leader at the Chesterfield Careers Office before taking up post as a Curriculum Adviser to schools and colleges in the County. In this post she had responsibility for supporting the development of the curriculum and managed the planning and delivery of career education INSET programmes to teaching and support staff based within learning organisations as well as practicing guidance workers.

While in industry, Anne completed qualifications in assessment and management. She joined the University on a full-time basis in 2000 and has taught in a variety of discipline areas related to career education and guidance interventions. She has obtained formal teaching qualifications.

Most of her teaching is with practitioners: teachers, Connexions personal advisers, careers advisers and education welfare officers, and those aspiring to work with young people.

Press expertise

  • Career decision making
  • Career development
  • Career guidance