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Catherine Marshall

Senior Lecturer

School of Social Sciences


Catherine is a Senior Lecturer in Psychology. She teaches developmental psychology and research methods at undergraduate and postgraduate levels.  Catherine also supervises undergraduate and postgraduate projects.

Career overview

MA (Hons) Psychology, University of St Andrews, 1993-1997

PhD Psychology, University of York, 1997-2000

Postdoctoral research associate, University of York / University of Oxford, 2000-2003

Consultant Psychologist, Dyslexia Action, 2003-2006

Psychology Tutor, Dyslexia Action Postgraduate Programme, 2003 - present

Research areas

Catherine's research interests are broadly concerned with reading and language difficulties in children and adults.  She is also interested in maths development and difficulties. Catherine is a member of the Language, Literacy and Psycholinguistics Research group, the Motivation in Education Research group and the SEN Special Interest group at NTU.

External activity

Catherine is a BPS Chartered Psychologist and works with Dyslexia Action as a tutor on their practitioner postgraduate training programme.