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Eva Prikrylova

Senior Lecturer

School of Social Sciences

Staff Group(s)


Dr Eva Prikrylova is a Lecturer in Psychology. She lectures on undergraduate and postgraduate psychology modules such as Qualitative Research Design & Analysis:2, Research Methods in Psychology 1&2, and Professional Practice. She also supervises undergraduate research projects and co-leads the Social Cure and Social Curse lab. She is currently on the supervisory team of one PhD student. Eva is a member of three of NTU's research groups - Groups, Identity and Health, the Gender Research Group and the Discourse Research Group.

Career overview

Eva’s doctoral research focused on gender identities and infertility treatment and on medical interaction within infertility treatment consultations. The research was undertaken at NTU under the supervision of Dr Sarah Seymour-Smith, Dr David Wilde and Dr Maria Kontogianni. Eva also holds an MSc in Psychological Research Methods which she completed at NTU. Before acquiring her lecturing position, Eva worked as a consultant on projects for the Czech National Institute of Mental Health and for the University of Nottingham.

Research areas

Dr Prikrylova is a discursive psychologist with a primary interest in gender identities and health. She investigates the dynamics of femininity and masculinity within heterosexual relationships during infertility treatment. Her research interests also include medical interaction, specifically communication in infertility consultations through the lens of patient-centred care. She investigates how the consultants simplify complex medical information to aid their patients’ understanding, how they present experimental treatments and how they include the male partner within the interactions. She is proficient across the board of qualitative approaches.

External activity