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Iain Wilson

Iain Wilson

Senior Lecturer

School of Social Sciences

Staff Group(s)


Dr Iain Wilson is a Lecturer in the Department of Psychology. He is the associate course leader on the MSc/PGDip Psychology course. In addition, Iain is part of the Combined Honours Undergraduate Course Team, in the role of Year Tutor for Level 6 students.

His teaching responsibilities include modules on the MSc / PGDip Psychology course, as well as the Psychology Single Honours and Combined Honours undergraduate courses.

He is also active in research examining health outcomes in the workplace, ecotherapy interventions and evaluation of social prescription models.

Career overview

Prior to joining Nottingham Trent University in 2016, Iain worked as a Teaching Fellow in Psychology at Loughborough University, where he also completed his PhD thesis.

Research areas

Iain is currently researching three areas of psychology.

One area of interest falls within the domain of Occupational Health Psychology. For example, he has previously assessed musculoskeletal conditions and occupational fatigue among white-water raft guides. He is particularly interested in the following research areas of occupational health:

  • Occupational fatigue
  • Musculoskeletal conditions in the workplace
  • Benefits of exposure to the natural outdoor environment

The second strand of Iain's research is focused on the benefits of the environment. He has looked at how interacting with nature has benefits for health and well-being in the workplace. Iain is particularly interested in the following areas:

  • Ecotherapy – interventions which are nature focused
  • How nature improves health and wellbeing in the workplace

The third area of Iain's research is social prescription. This is an alternative method of intervention to improve and sustain the physical and psychological health and well-being of vulnerable individuals. He has a particular interest in:

  • Evaluating social prescription models
  • Understanding the psychology which underpins why social prescription models work