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Lucy Justice

Lucy Justice

Principal Lecturer

School of Social Sciences

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Dr Lucy Justice is currently working as a senior lecturer in Psychology.

Career overview

Dr Justice completed her PhD in 2012 at the University of Leeds and then spent four years working as data analyst / statistician in the private sector. She returned to academia in 2015 where her work now focusses on statistical modelling of psychological phenomena and best practices for teaching statistics.


Jones, G., Justice, L. V., Cabiddu, F., Lee, B. J., Iao, L. S., Harrison, N., & Macken, B. (2020). Does short-term memory develop? Cognition198.

Akhtar, S., Justice, L. V., Loveday, C. & Conway, M. A. (2017). Switching memory perspective. Consciousness and Cognition.

Justice, L. V., Akhtar, S. & Conway, M. A. (2017). The study of flashbulb memories: the good, the bad, and the way forward. In O. Luminet & A. Curci (Eds), Flashbulb Memories: New Challenges and Future Perspectives, 2nd Edition. Psychology Press.

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