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Phil Rudkin

Phil Rudkin

Principal Lecturer

School of Social Sciences


Phil Rudkin is a Principal Lecturer in Policing & International Law Enforcement within the School of Social Sciences.

Phil teaches across a suite of courses at both under and postgraduate levels and consult develop relationships with local, national and international law enforcement partners.

Career overview

Phil began his career working for Oxford Magnet Technology working as an ICT Helpdesk operative dealing with technical ICT issues following the successful completion of his degree in Computer Science.

He joined Leicestershire Police in 2003, He worked in both forward facing front line operational roles including response policing, neighbourhood policing and prisoner processing. He's also worked as a control room operative working alongside senior officers in Silver Command situations such as football matches, and large events such as the Download music festival.

For the past 8 years, he's trained new policing recruits both Specials, Regulars and PCSO’s legislative inputs and IT Systems required for their role.

In 2015, he was the lead designer and instructor responsible for all the training of the Niche RMS system used by the City of London Police Northamptonshire Police, Leicestershire Police, Derbyshire Police and Nottinghamshire Police, which is on a shared collaborative platform holding the rank of Sgt and running large training teams.

In 2018 Phil started his career with NTU as a Senior Lecturer and was the programme leader for BA Policing, his role resulted in him developing the new BA Professional Policing degree licenced by the College of Policing for undergraduate study to be launched in Sep 2019.

Research areas

Phil is undertaking a Professional Doctorate in Social Practice focusing on “What are police officers’ understandings of the competencies related to police studies degrees and the perception of value the degree brings?”