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Ricky Gee

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School of Social Sciences

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Social Work and Health


Ricky is a senior lecturer based in the Department of Sociology. Ricky is the Course Leader and Third Year Tutor for the BA Sociology, as well as this role, Ricky teaches on a range of programmes at undergraduate and postgraduate level. These include BA Sociology, BA Sociology and Politics, BA Psychology and Sociology, and BA Youth Justice.

Ricky has been sponsored by Nottingham Trent University to undertake a professional doctorate to explore pedagogic practice to enhance the teaching and exploration of 'career' from multiple perspectives.

Career overview

Ricky has worked as a careers adviser and training manager for a Careers Service in the East Midlands before becoming a Senior Lecturer.

Research areas

Ricky's main research focus explores trans-disciplinary perspectives of 'career'. Such explorations allow for research activities to span across academic disciplines as highlighted below:

In 2016 Ricky delivered a paper at the NYRIS conference concentrating on the subject of YOUTH MOVES - Voices - Spaces – Subjectivities in Trollhättan, Sweden, entitled 'Exploring the subjectivities of pro-longed youth, focusing on anticipations of 'career' post-graduation'

In 2015 Ricky delivered a paper at the International Academic Forum on Education entitled ‘Facilitating Better Career Judgement in a Context of Uncertainty’  – in Brighton

In 2014 Ricky delivered a paper on 'Micro politics of career in a postmodern age; new opportunities or a cult of reproductive speed' at the International Academic Forum Conference on the Social Sciences in Rhode Island, USA.

Ricky’s Doctoral research, explores student understanding of 'career'. This longitudinal research project – following a cohort of NTU students after graduation - has a prominent sociological dimension which explores how social structures influence career narrativisation and enactment. Findings of this research have been presented at the SRHE's National New Researchers Conference, in Newport, Wales (2015).

Ricky has an on-going research collaboration with Graham Ferris (reader in Law at NTU) exploring how sociological concepts – e.g. Goffman’s ‘moral career’ - can be introduced into the Law curriculum to influence the teaching of ethics. This was outlined in a paper at the Association of Law Teachers Annual conference where it won the Stan Marsh prize for best paper (2014).

In 2010 NTU published a report on Ricky’s research project engaging with career practitioner's views of the use of group work. This research was conducted in collaboration with a West Midlands Connexion service impacting upon future practice

Ricky continues to work in collaboration with Dr Chris Towers (Senior Lecturer in Social Policy) so as to explore how students can engage in innovative teaching methods – with the utilisation of role play - to promote their construction and sharing of knowledge in the class room. Such strategies enable students to engage in their own personal and public experiences of ‘career’ to widen their learning. A paper on this activity has been published by the Staff and Educational Development Association Journal and has subsequently influenced the practice of colleagues within the School of Social Sciences here at NTU.

Ricky is a named reviewer for the British Journal of Guidance and Counselling and the International 'Groupwork' Journal.

External activity

Ricky is media trained and has appeared on the Simon Mayo Show (BBC Radio Five Live) where he discussed the role of the Careers Advisers to aid youth transitions.

During his time at the Career Service Ricky provided advice within his own Agony Uncle column in ‘Full On’ magazine, a DfES publications sent to all schools in England.

Sponsors and collaborators

Birmingham Connexions - Ricky investigated the use of Groupwork to aid young people's transitions.


Gee, R (2017). Chapter 11. Contemplating ‘career’ across disciplines: reflexive explorations of ‘career’ in Barnard, A.  (ed.)  (2017) Developing Professional Practice in Health and Social Care. London: Routledge. Pagination will be forthcoming.

Gee, R (2016). Alternative Visions of Employability; The Role of Critical Pedagogy, School Guidance Handbook ISSN 2009-6801

Ferris, G and Gee, R, (2014). Adoption of professional identity as playing a role and entering a group, Association of Law Teachers 49th Annual Conference, Leeds, 13 April to 15 April 2014. Winner of the Stan Marsh prize for best paper.

Towers, C and Gee, R (2012). Acting on the ‘knife edge’: Incorporating role-play within the curriculum, SEDA Issue 13.4 December 2012 ISSN 1469-3267

Press expertise

  • Career development
  • Political dimensions of 'Career'
  • Career education and guidance
  • Youth transition
  • Leisure and how it influences youth identity
  • 'Race', Culture and Society