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Stephen Badham

Stephen Badham

Senior Lecturer

School of Social Sciences


Stephen is a lecturer in psychology. He teaches on a range of courses across the undergraduate and postgraduate psychology curriculum. He is also responsible for undertaking research based activities related to his expertise in cognitive ageing and memory.

Career overview

Stephen’s PhD was based on investigating age differences in associative memory:  Older adults can perform well at remembering individual pieces of information but struggle more relative to young adults when combining information (e.g., associating a name to a face). More recently his research has developed to investigate how older adults can use their knowledge and experience to reduce age deficits in memory. Stephen is open to collaborative opportunities and PhD applications related to cognitive ageing and memory.

Sponsors and collaborators


  • 2017 - BIAL (Principle Investigator, €49,000) ‘Dissociating working memory and inhibition deficits as a result of healthy and unhealthy ageing’
  • 2016 - NTU Vice Chancellor Award (Co Investigator, £46,000) Trent Ageing Panel (funding to build an ageing research centre at NTU)
  • 2016 - NTU SPUR studentship (Principle Investigator, £2,250) ‘Uncertainty during encoding can result in enhanced memory’
  • 2015 - NTU Kick Starter (Co Investigator, £3,500) ‘The role of rejection sensitivity in processing indirect criticism: An ERP study on sarcasm’
  • 2012 - ESRC (Principle Investigator, £250,000): ‘Age Differences in the Implementation of Knowledge and Experience to Support Memory’ [ES/K002732/1]. University of Warwick
  • 2011 - IAS research fellowship (6-month bridging fellowship for publishing research from PhD) University of Warwick
  • 2008 - Warwick Postgraduate Research Fellowship. University of Warwick


  • Prof. Elizabeth Maylor (University of Warwick)
  • Dr Adam Sanborn (University of Warwick)
  • Dr Derrick Watson (University of Warwick)
  • Dr Marie Poirier (City University London)
  • Dr Claire V Hutchinson (University of Leicester)