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Vanessa Dale Hewitt

Vanessa Dale Hewitt

Senior Lecturer

School of Social Sciences


Course Director Clinical Associate in psychology

Career overview

Academic Tutor for the Trent Doctoral Progamme in Clinical Psychology

Clinical Psychologist in Perinatal Psychology

Research areas

Supervising  Master  of Science Clinical Associate in Psychology Service evaluation and Audits.

External activity

External Examiner for University of Kent


Dale-Hewitt, V., Slade, P., Wright, I., Cree, M., & Tully, C. (2012) Patterns of attention and experiences of post traumatic stress following childbirth. Archives of Women’s Mental Health. 15(4):289-96.
Lofgren, A., Dale- Hewitt, V., & das Nair, R. (2014). Doing Fence Sitting: A discurcive analysis of clinical psychologists’ constructions of mental health. Qualitative Health Research, 25(4), 470-485.
Dale-Hewitt, V. &  Irons, C. (2015). Chapter 10: Compassion Focused Therapy. In Formulation in Action Applying Psychological Theory to Clinical Practice. Dawson D., & Moghaddam, N. Eds.
Wicks, S., Tickle, A., & Dale-Hewitt, V. (2019). A Meta-Synthesis Exploring the Experience of Postpartum Psychosis. Journal of Prenatal & Perinatal Psychology & Health, 34(1), 3-35

Hassard, J., Wang, W., Delic, L., Grudyte, I., Dale-Hewitt, V., & Thomson, L. (2023). Pregnancy-related discrimination and expectant workers' psychological well-being and work engagement: understanding the moderating role of job resources. International Journal of Workplace Health Management, 16(2/3), 188-204.