Vicky Palmer

Vicky Palmer

Lecturer/Senior Lecturer

School of Social Sciences

Staff Group(s)
Social Work and Health


Vicky Palmer currently teaches on the 'Youth Justice Practice' module to third year BA (Hons) Youth Studies students, the 'Law, Sentencing, Media and the Courts' module to third year BA (Hons) Youth Justice Students, the 'Assessment and Report Writing in Youth Justice' module to second year BA (Hons) Youth Justice students and the 'Evolution of the Youth Justice System' to first year BA (Hons) Youth Justice students. She is soon to commence teaching the Youth Justice module to MA Advanced Social Work Practice students as part of their CPD. In addition, she will shortly be taking over the role of Course Leader for the BA (Hons) Youth Justice course. Vicky has recently completed the Professional Doctorate in Social Practice and awaits her viva voce in early 2015. She is presently in the process of editing parts of her Professional Doctorate theses for journal publication. Her research interests are children in conflict with the law, mental disorder, autism and learning difficulties and their connection to youth offending, the proliferation of managerialism in youth justice practice and the re-introduction of diversion techniques for young offenders.

Research areas

  • Youth and criminal justice
  • Criminal law
  • Criminology
  • Media

Press expertise

  • Children committing crime
  • Age of criminal responsibility
  • Mental health in young offenders
  • Commodification of children
  • Aspects of professionalism in youth justice
  • UK cultural attitudes to children
  • History of youth justice