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How to engage with the C19 National Foresight Group Products?

We share this work to support ongoing effort to tackle Covid-19. Colleagues have expertise to share should you wish to commission or consult us. NTU continues to support the C19 National Foresight Group.

What is shared here?

In these publications, we set out what we feel are the main society-wide impacts from Covid-19 and the management of the pandemic (intelligence briefings). We also set out the findings from deep dives into areas of focus from our work in this area (roundtable reports). There are also bespoke commissioned rapid reviews, completed mid-crisis which reports how the emergency management of Covid-19 is progressing, from the perspective of the local strategic decision-makers across the UK.

This online space has been created to support the dissemination and use of the C19 National Foresight Group outputs. Within this space, you will find a description of our output types, downloadable versions of these documents and a theme document which will aid your use of them. The C19 National Foresight Group covered a wide range of topics and issues and used several different formats to do this. The four main outputs consist of Intelligence Briefings developed by NTU to support the Covid-19 response on specific topics. We have revisited several topics and these briefings often consist of multiple insights and themes. Secondly, we produced a set of strategic roundtables on topics of importance. These are shared as briefings and full reports. Thirdly, the Chairperson commissioned several Rapid Reviews conducted using the 10kv Cloud platform created and delivered by the Hydra Foundation. These asked strategic responders and other critical partners to share insights on current engagement to support real-time feedback to a wide body of partners. The C19 Foresight Group also undertook more in-depth pieces of work which are the fourth and final output type we have shared. Due to the sensitive nature of some of our work we are not able to share all outputs.

Where have they been shared already?

As you will have seen from the group's description our outputs were shared with numerous partners, agencies and groups to support the ongoing effort to tackle the Covid-19 pandemic. These outputs have been shared, for example via Government Departments, Resilience Direct, Local Resilience Forum Chairs, the SOLACE Network, Multi-Agency Information Cell Leads, Devolved Administrations, the Joint Biosecurity Centre, Local Health Protection Areas, NHSE, Public Health England and the British Red Cross to name but a few.

Cross-cutting themes

To support you to engage with this material we have collated a theme matrix which links our outputs to a selection of common themes. Whilst not exhaustive it is aimed at providing the reader with a quick way to find relevant material for their needs. To view the table download it here.


  • At Risk Populations
  • Behaviour in Lockdown
  • Communication
  • Community
  • Crime and Judicial Systems
  • Data Trends
  • Disaster and Emergency Response
  • Economics
  • Education
  • Emergency Management Structures
  • Families
  • Following the Rules
  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Health Protection
  • Inequality
  • Psychological Impacts
  • Sharing Lessons
  • Work
  • Young People
C19 NFG Theme matrix

Measuring their utility and reach

The C19 National Foresight Group tracked the use and impact of our work. As part of the central reason to share these more publicly is to ensure others in the UK and internationally can learn from and use them during additional peaks of Covid-19 and beyond we hope you will share how they have been used. We provide these outputs to the public to inform debate and action but ask that they are not produced in full or part without written permission and that when they are used to inform your work you cite them clearly. Over time we will measure the impact and share several case studies for how the C19 National Foresight Group helped tackle the Covid-19 pandemic through this site. Please contact us with questions or stories via