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Dynasty TCG

Hinchi Cheung is a second-year Nottingham Trent University student studying sports and exercise science at the Clifton campus. Dynasty TCG started as a lockdown project for Hinchi, after deciding he wanted to develop his own trading card game (TCG).

As an avid basketball player, and the president of NTU’s Men’s Basketball, Hinchi also shares a passion for gaming. Sitting in his room, he started writing down rough rules and made some proxy cards.

Then, in the lead up to Christmas in 2020, Hinchi went to a local game store to ask people to trial his game. After praise for the format and its unique concept from the test audience, he developed it further, and in February 2021, Hinchi launched his first sample Kickstarter campaign - his goal was £2,300 and he ended up raising over £10k from 57 backers. He then decided to enter the NTU Enterprise 2022 Business Plan Competition.

What inspired Dynasty TCG?

Hinchi with award

Hinchi always loved going to his local card store to buy packs of Pokémon and YuGiOh cards, connecting with other people through the games and being immersed in a different world. However, he felt these games started to add unneeded complexity and lose sight of what made them enjoyable to fans in the first place.

In 2021, Hinchi decided he wanted to make his own game, giving rise to Dynasty TCG. The purpose was to reignite the gaming experience he fell in love with by creating something completely different, “filled with flavour and excitement”.

The business

Dynasty TCG is a trading card game sold in packs, decks, boxes, and special edition decks. The vision is to create a “great gaming experience for anyone at any skill level”.

Hinchi has created a rule book allowing card collectors to play together and create their own dynasty and aims to produce new products each year to enhance both the gaming experience and card collectability.

As long as you have a great business proposition, all you need to get the wheels turning is a little bit of the right support

Hinchi Cheung, founder of Dynasty TCG


Hinchi Cheung at BPC
  • Won the ‘One to Watch’ award 2022 NTU Enterprise Business Plan Competition
  • Built a supportive and hard-working team to back his business
  • Secured two Dragon Ball actors as ambassadors for his business
  • Gained 10+ partnerships with companies in the UK and US
  • Sponsors three societies – two at Nottingham Trent University and one at the University of Manchester

The challenges

For Hinchi, the biggest learning curve has been exercising patience and understanding that reaching goals can be slower than anticipated.

Hinchi said: "There are bumps in any business journey, and you will fail and fail again. A lot of that is out of your control, but what you can control is how you respond. If you pick yourself back up, brush off the cobwebs and keep moving forward, learning and refining your business, you'll always land one step closer to success.”

Best business advice

When questioned on what advice he would give prospective entrepreneurs, Hinchi said: “Invest in yourself. It all starts with a great idea, but to get your business off the ground is a whole different ball game. As long as you have a great business proposition, all you need to get the wheels turning is a little bit of the right support.“

And that’s where we come in.

Support from NTU Enterprise

After first seeing NTU Enterprise advertised on the noticeboard in the online student learning room, Hinchi decided to join the 2022 NTU Enterprise Business Plan Competition. Following his victory in the competition, Hinchi was given further support after successfully applying to the Santander Spark ‘Test it!’ Grant. This grant offers successful applicants £500 for testing, trialing and research activities in the early stages of their business.

At NTU Enterprise, we work alongside established businesses, as well as students who are just starting on their business journey. So, whether you’ve got a business plan, or you’d like a side hustle and don’t know where to begin, the team at NTU Enterprise is here to help your existing or potential business to start, grow and thrive.

Visit Hinchi’s website: or follow Dynasty TCG on social media: dynasty_tcg